Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why Would Mousavi Slip a Noose Around His Own Neck?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



We know that there are external forces behind Mir Hossein Mousavi, and we know that he has rich backers in Iran who were able to garner him a surprising 1/3 of the vote. But money can only buy you so much love with the public.

So why is Mousavi pushing so hard for things he cannot achieve through normal means? He cannot expect that Ahmadinejad will surrender his victory. Mousavi cannot expect that a recount will favor him.

Are Mousavi and his backers aiming for a revolution, a civil war, a coup d'etat, or a foreign attack and/or invasion? How can they hope to survive this without a "regime change" in Iran? What do they know that we do not, that they take such enormous risks?

What members of the military are on their side? If they were able to muster 1/3 of the Iranian electorate to their cause, and can marshal large crowds even after some have been killed, what support do they have in the military? What is it that they are planning to achieve and how do they plan to achieve it? Who are they betraying and who will betray them?

Ahmadinejad has to be careful not to slide into paranoia and accuse innocents of treachery, but he also has to be vigilant. One wonders at what point he will declare that his rivals have committed sedition and execute them in the public square. One wonders at what point the plans of Mousavi and his backers will unfold.

None of this is good for Iran, or for the World. It is a real shame that the Iranians are forced to choose between bad and worse.

Mousavi and his backers have crossed the Rubicon and there is no turning back for them now. They must be waiting for some form of coup, because there is no chance for their efforts to overturn the election results to succeed. They must also have friends in the theocracy. Are assassinations in the works? Will the CIA and Mossad bring in troops to aid a coup? Will Israel bomb Tehran?

Why do we human beings endure all this mayhem and misery so that 15 million Jews can play god? Why do not we simply get them out of our lives? None of this would be going on today if the Jews were removed from influence in the World.