Sunday, July 19, 2009

American Blacks' Flirtation with the Jewish Left and Its Disastrous Consequences for America

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Michael Jackson's passing again reminded me of my father's maxim that the ills which befall the blacks will next harm the whites. Jackson is being touted as a great black talent, which is true enough, but he is not one of the greatest, and pales by comparison, if you'll pardon the expression.

The greatest dancers I have ever seen were the Nicholas Brothers:

Jumpin Jive - Cab Calloway and the Nicholas Brothers

If you want to talk about blacks who were multi-talented and influential, then look at Sammy Davis, Jr. (who converted to Judaism) or better yet, Paul Robeson (who brought leftism to Africa):

Sammy Davis Jr. Boogie Woogie

Paul Robeson - Ol' Man River

Like Frederick Douglass who was seduced by the ideas of the Jewish left through his paramour Ottilie Assing, Paul Robeson was a true Renaissance man who was led by the Jews into the self-defeating beliefs that have the black talents promoted today mere sad mockeries of the black talents of Robeson's time. Robeson was led by Jews to the Communists, then smeared by Jews through the NAACP (headed by Jews) and FBI (headed by notorious 33rd degree Freemason J. Edgar Hoover). It is amazing how these immensely talented and brilliant blacks fell victim to Jewish ideologies which have continued to keep the blacks from reaching their potential and which have weakened the black family and with it the black community.

Beware whites, for what the Jews have done to the blacks they are doing to you as well, though you were never so sharply severed from your cultural and ethnic roots as were the blacks, even the blacks of Africa. The process of degeneration is proceeding more slowly with whites than it did with blacks, for obvious reasons, but the Jews have cleverly coaxed your youth to mimic the worst of the blacks, whose culture the Jews have deliberately undermined.

Whereas the Jews of 20th Century Hollywood demeaned the blacks, the Jews of the 21st Century are demeaning humankind and are specifically targeting whites for destruction. Whereas the Communist Jews of 20th Century America targeted blacks like Robeson, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr., and through them black America, the Jews of the 21st Century, through their puppet Barack Obama, have dropped Communism on America like an anvil and will pound out the white heritage of America as quickly as they can, just as the Jews all but destroyed the black heritage of America and have led the blacks from such greatness of talent as the jazz age produced, to the crap of rap and worse.