Sunday, July 05, 2009

Another Disingenuous Response From "Ognir" of the Disinformation Underground

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

"Ognir" of the Disinformation Underground has again exhibited his bad faith by misrepresenting what I have said, what I have offered, and what has otherwise occurred. "Ognir" writes:

"Disinfomation Underground, I suppose was the best he could come up with"

"Ognir's" response is childish and trite, typical of his juvenile personality. He depends upon emotion to distract from the fact that I have raised substantive issues with him which he has failed to address, instead acting like the overaged punk that he is.

"Listen I was nice in my first answer, however you can go and shite

I have very little free time on my hands unlike some."

In fact, "Ognir" was deceptive and deceitful in his answer and failed to meet the conditions which I had set to engage him in the discourse which he, not I, sought. "Ognir", as is typical for him, evaded addressing any of the substantive issues I have raised, but instead wasted my time with his hysterical emotional responses which are devoid of substantive meaning.

"He said he'd do an audio and show me where I am/was going wrong and kick my punk ass or some other of his usual [vulgarity deleted]."

I have already shown where he has gone wrong and given him the rope with which to hang himself. "Ognir" demonstrates in his own words that he is a punk unable to address substantive issues in a substantive fashion. Though he is too stupid and too disingenuous to admit it, I have already "kick[ed his] punk ass", and believe me, it was very easy to do. I needed to only accuse him of something and wait for him to make false and misleading statements and avoid the relevant issues, while instead issuing forth smears and falsehoods. Indeed, it was easy to show him up for what he is and for what he is not. I needed only give him the opportunity to prove me right with his own actions and words.

As is his habit, "Ognir" grossly misrepresents what I have said, which is,


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An Irish Clone of Daryl Bradford Smith

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There is an Irish clone of Daryl Bradford Smith who pretends to be an informed opponent of "Zionism", but who parrots the same garbage as Daryl Bradford Smith, that Zionism has nothing to do with religion, especially not Judaism, nor Jews as a people. Like Smith, this clown contradicts himself by criticizing the highly religious Christian Zionists, and the highest dogma of Judaism, the Talmud; as well as criticizing the Jewish State of Israel which contains some 1/3 of World Jewry, and which is supported by the vast majority of diaspora Jewry.

I am reminded of the thorough infiltration of Ireland by British Intelligence, such as is documented in this article:

Roy the Rat — driver for Gerry Adams, spy for MI5

The Irish have always been handicapped by agents working for British intelligence. Intelligence operatives often engage in smear campaigns, often involving degenerate images and lies. People who sincerely oppose World Jewry face these attacks.

This Daryl Bradford Smith clone tells us nothing new. Instead, like Smith and Hufschmid, he whines about Alex Jones ad nauseam as if that ceaseless mantra is a solution to the Jewish Question. Smith told me he had never read the Bible and never would. I suspect his clone knows next to nothing about Judaism, as well. So on what basis do these ignoramuses conclude that Judaism has nothing to do Zionism? Have they never heard of Abraham, or Moses, or Joshua? Why do they suppose the Jews want to take Palestine and build a temple on the site of the Dome of the Rock?

This clown wrote to me back in May of 2008 requesting an interview. I looked into the interviews he was doing and concluded that he was a new Smith. I warned you about Ron Paul. I warned you about Smith. I warned you about the Timothy McVeigh Team. I am steering clear of this Irish clone of Smith. He contributes no new research. He is painfully ignorant and uninsightful in the topics he pretends to address. He is a smearmonger and a hypocrite. I ignored him before, and am glad I trusted my insticts.

The clown is again soliciting an interview from me. He likes to draw attention to himself. If he agrees, I will interview him on my terms, and delve into the reasons for his parroted delusions of the nature of the Jewish Problem. But first he must demonstrate a measure of good faith and demand that his friend "Muahmmad Rafeeq" tell us his, this "Muhammad's", birth name and the birth names of his grandparents. I also want him to ask "Muhammad" how he came to know such Cabalistic secrets as the process for transmutating the soul of Shabbatai Zevi into the person of a Rothschild, as "Muhammad" has claimed to know.

As is my nature, I will be fair to this snake, who is so unfair to me. Let him explain himself and attempt to justify his parroted Smith routine. I note that Smith and his fellow clown run off lists of names and events, or babble off the same attacks on Jones, or excuses for World Jewry, as if such a recitation constitutes some sort of insight. Such drivel I will not permit. I want to find out what our Irish friend thinks he knows and show him where he is wrong. Then we will discover if he can stop acting like an overage punk and at least try to conduct himself as a decent man, though I do not hold out much hope for that."

"Ognir" has failed to honor the conditions I have set for obliging his desire to speak to me. He has not only failed to act in good faith, he has presented false and misleading accounts of what I have said and has failed to address my substantive complaints against him and his colleagues. He has instead waved his hands without stating anything of value or substance, and shown that he is a childish clown who cannot act in a serious fashion. "Ognir" knows that he has not met the conditions I have set and therefore has backed down from my offer, but he feels obliged to disingenuously fabricate a false history of events to excuse himself and accuse me with falsehoods, which is very childish behavior on his part. He has also failed to retract his previous false statements, which provides yet another instance of his failure to act in good faith, which was one of my requirements.

"Deal with your Ego ya gobshite"

More meaningless emotional smearmongering from "Ognir", which only serves to prove that I was correct in my assessment of his character.

"Put up or shut up"

I have put up, I put up stage and you acted the childish clown on it, instead of seizing the opportunity to refute anything that I have said. You backed out of my offer, "Ognir". You also violated the conditions which I set for acting in good faith. It is you who desire to speak to me, not I who desire to speak to you. I have already long ago disproved your parroted nonsense from Daryl Bradford Smith. You have proven that you are unable to refute what I have said. You have shown yourself for what you are, a disinformation clown. Is that why you beg me to become silent? Keep dreaming, smearmongering, hand waving, disingenuous "Ognir".