Wednesday, July 01, 2009

As I Predicted, Cynthia McKinney's Name Made Mud Due to Her Associations With Daryl Bradford Smith, and His Clone, "Ognir"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Once again, I really, really, really hate to say I told you so, because Cynthia McKinney deserves better in spite of her lapse in judgement, but as I predicted Cynthia McKinney is being put through the meat grinder for associating with Daryl Bradford Smith and "Ognir":

McKinney Arrested By Israel, Appears on Hate Radio

McKinney on hate radio again

I wonder if and when CNN will pick up on this story. I heard they have connections with the CIA and sometimes put out stories for them. I know they have covered Smith in the past.

I wonder if the media will pick up on Daryl Bradford Smith & Co.'s Apollo moon landings hoax theories and how the "Zionists" allegedly profitted. Should be very entertaining for those in search of ways to discredit McKinney and change the subject from Israel's illegal attack on her.

I wish you well, courageous and selfless Cynthia. You deserve far better than what fate is doling out to you. I suggest you look into who set you up for this.