Thursday, July 16, 2009

As I Predicted Years Ago, Israel Is Offering the Arabs a Deal So that They Will Allow an Israeli Attack on Iran

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Times of London is reporting that the Israelis are arranging a deal whereby the Arabs will agree to an Israeli attack on Iran in exchange for Israel easing up on their attacks on the Palestinians:

Israeli navy in Suez Canal prepares for potential attack on Iran

This comes as no surprise to me or my regular readers, because I have been predicting just such an arrangement for years, and no one, not even the CIA parrots who regularly try to mirror my analyses and steal my thunder, no one supported my efforts to warn the World of the Jews' preparations for their war on Iran and ultimately the World.

Of course, as the Jews worsen the lot of the Palestinians, they need offer less and less in exchange for an attack on Iran. Now, the Jews need only offer to ease up a bit on settlement encroachment into Palestinian territory, to have the Arabs begging to side with them against the Muslim Iranians. Jacob has starved Esau long enough to have Esau willing to give up his birthright in exchange for a bowl of porridge.

The Jewish Gang-Green Revolution in Iran serves as timely warning to Arab leaders of how easily the Jews can foment revolution in Arab nations. Sanctions on Iran warn Arab leaders of how easily the Jews can cut off the constant flow of American dollars into super-rich Arab pockets.

So under the false pretext that Iran poses a threat to Arab power, the Jews have the Arabs chomping at the bit to support an illegal aggressive Israeli attack on their fellow Muslims. I called it years ago, and received absolutely no support from anyone in exposing this crime against humanity, which promises to draw the human race into World War III.

There is still much that can be done to bring the Jews to heel. We must threaten the Israelis with the facts. The Jews are becoming increasingly alienated in World public opinion. The World now hates the Jews and the Jewish State, in no small part because the Jews illegally and aggressively attacked Lebanon and Gaza. The World will call for the extermination of the Jewish People, should the Jews attack Iran and bring the World into a nuclear World War III. The Jews, especially the Israelis, should know this fact.

The reason the Jews have not yet attacked Iran, they long ago had the approval of traitorous Arab leaders, Freemasons and crypto-Jews all, the reason is that there is not yet the support needed in Israel among the Jews for such an aggressive and needless attack. As I explained before, the Jews need to make the Israeli Jews feel that the US has abandoned them so that they will feel obliged to attack Iran. We must make the Jews of Israel painfully aware that such an attack on Iran is bound to lead to their own deaths in a very real Holocaust which will result as a backlash against all of Jewry for destroying the modern World, as the Jews destroyed the ancient World of Egypt, Greece and Rome; which led to a 2,000 year diaspora.

The Iranians should be publicizing the fact that Muslims are bound by their faith to defend one another, and that the Jewish State is the home of al-Dajjal, that the Jews want Jerusalem so that they can destroy the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque and build a temple to the Devil.

A Jewish attack on Iran will result in the extermination of the Jews almost as a matter of course. The World is weary of the Jewish war on the human race and will not tolerate a Third World War. The World will not only perish the Jews should they continue to make war and ruin the economies of mankind, the World will first punish the Jews in ways yet unimaginable to those of us who have not had our bodies burned by nuclear blasts nor seen our children shrivel and die in Jewish manufactured famine, as the Jews took over Egypt by manufacturing famine in their ancient stories known as the Torah (Genesis 47).

The Jews are pushing the World to an as yet unthinkable revenge on the Jewish People. The Jews had better cease making war on humanity, for the Jewish mass murder of Christian Armenians and Christian Slavs will pale by comparison to the cruelty about to be inflicted on the Jews worldwide should they fail to relent.