Friday, July 24, 2009

Ayn Rand's Subversive "Objectivism" Is a Devilish Doctrine Which Embodies the Occult Nature of Jewish Secularism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ayn Rand said that selfishness is good. Hers was a devilish Jewish occult doctrine, which has often been phrased by Devil worshipers in the following terms:

"Do as thou wilt. That is the whole of the law."

The Jews have always believed in "Jewish Dualism", which holds that both good and evil come from the Jewish god, and therefore it is good to do evil. The Jews base this belief on the Old Testament at Job 12 and Isaiah 45:7; 59:15-16. The Lurian, Shabbataian and Frankist Cabalah preach that the Jews can obtain redemption through sin, even by doing the opposite of the Torah and by making false conversions to Christianity and Islam. The Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin, folio 97a, teaches the Jews that the Jews' Messiah will arrive if they make the World entirely evil. Moses Mendelssohn taught the Jews to embrace the secular aspects of the Enlightenment as part of the Jews' plan to introduce Communism to the Goyim.

Secular Jews do not merely preach against religion, but instead replace moral religion with immoral and self-destructive Devil worshiping occult religion in the guise of secularism. The Jews substitute selfishness and egotism for spirituality and self-sacrifice. In America, the blacks have been hardest hit by Jewish "secular" dogma, by Jewish occultism.

Ayn Rand copied Dostoevsky's mythical character of the self-centered and ultimately self-destructive Uebermensch and made it an ideal for the Goyim to emulate. Rand taught her Goy dupes to become mini Raskolnikovs from Crime and Punishment and destroy themselves and their own societies through their egocentricism.

In a society which follows Ayn Rand's occult prescriptions, the Jews who work together as a subversive unit will always overtake and destroy the disunited and selfish Goyim. The rich Jews will face no barriers in law to their subversion of the general society, and will be able to steal all the wealth of the nation through usury, unbridled robber baron Jewish Capitalism, and through monopoly which always arise when the rich are permitted the "freedom" to fleece the poor.

From the Gnostics, to the Cathars, to Ema Goldman, to the Feminists, the Jews have always taught the Goyim to abort their children or to refrain from having children. Often, only the smartest, most compassionate and enlightened Goyim fall victim to this dysgenic Jewish subversion of the Gentiles on a genetic level. The Jews thereby murder off the best of the Goyim by luring them into self-destructive beliefs and lifestyles. Here again, in America the blacks have been hardest hit by this Jewish subversion.

Shun Ayn Rand's "Objectivism" and all who preach it to you. It is Jewish occultism veiled in a shroud of secularism.