Saturday, July 04, 2009

Cynthia McKinney's Credibility Under Attack

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Daryl Bradford Smith's website is presently as of this writing linking to two articles which attack Cynthia McKinney's credibility. I again urge someone who knows McKinney to inform her of these facts. These links appear as:


which states, among other things,

"Any intelligent reading of the situation will reveal that the Palestinians are, in actuality, worse off than they were before. Because, while the 'alternative' media focused attention on McKinney's standoff with the Israeli navy, the Israeli government announced the largest seizure of Palestinian land in more than 40 years -- a development of far, far greater consequence to the Palestinian people than whether or not a small consignment of humanitarian aid got into Gaza.

Cynthia, though, made out just fine: although she failed in her mission to Gaza, she has reaped considerable 'street cred,' or popular credibility, within the growing anti-Zionist movement -- without once publicly conceding any of the movement's core grievances. [***] The 'Free Gaza' campaign is theatre." is also presently linking to the following website as of this writing:


which states, among other things,

"The Cynthia McKinney-led 'Free Gaza' campaign was meant to direct our resources in support of a side-issue, while the real threats -- Zionist infiltration of national governments and Israeli false-flag terrorism, among others -- go unmentioned.

For us, that just won't fly. Not this time.

As for those accusing us of being Zionist saboteurs intent on distracting attention away from the 'Free Gaza' affair, I say this: . . ."