Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hufschmid, Smith & "Rafeeq" Are Discrediting the Anti-Zionist Movement

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Mike Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.com has pointed out that there are operatives spreading the myth that the moonshots were a hoax, which only serves to discredit the Anti-Zionist and 9/11 movements. Rivero has posted an image taken with a short focal length lens for the format dimensions, which causes the shadows to converge changing the perspective from a normal focal length lens. Daryl Bradford Smith posts an attack on Rivero and links to the image, stating,

"Look At The Shadows In The Photo, This Must Be A Photo The Zionist Jew Mike Rivero Worked On. 'Remember There Are No Jews In The Crime Gang, The US Government Never Lies To Its People, And Looking In To These Questions Makes You A Shill!! So Claims Our Zionist Friend Rivero!'"

Rivero has posted a link to an article where antics like those of Daryl Bradford Smith are wedded to legitimate questions regarding other historical events to discredit all such views:

Faked moon landings, creationists, and 9-11 truthers

Daryl Bradford Smith & Co. are poison to the Anti-Zionist Movement.

Smith's attack on Rivero is unfounded and only serves to discredit Smith, and all who support him and his antics, such as promoting an old mockumentary as if breaking authentic news. Those who are genuinely opposed to World Jewry's war on the human race should distance themselves from Daryl Bradford Smith & Co. lest they be bitten by the fleas of the dogs in their bed.