Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Warned You that the Jews and Their Agents Provacoteur Were Out to Smear Arabs as If "Nazis"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



I knew when I saw the CIA agents and kosher Nazi crowd in the "Patriot Movement" promoting the idea that Hitler could not have been a Zionist because Arabs were allegedly Nazis, that they were setting up Arabs to embrace the idea so that the Jews could smear the Arabs as if Nazis. My predictions have come true:

Israel uses Hitler picture to sell its settlement expansion

I warned the Arabs that they were being set up for this, in, among other places, my blogs of January, 2009:

Were the Arabs Nazis During WW II? January 03, 2009


Are the CIA and Mossad Leading the Arabs and Iranians into a Jewish Propaganda Trap? January 04, 2009