Friday, July 10, 2009

"It would be nice to get the Jews to pay off the national debt, but how can we achieve it?"–Judenfrei

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

"Judenfrei" inquires of me,

"It would be nice to get the Jews to pay off the national debt, but how can we achieve it?"

First place the POWER PARTY in office. The POWER PARTY will enact legislation that will declare all of the assets of all of World Jewry to be attachable, garnishable, seizable, etc. as payment of the government debt. No other payment will be offered until all reasonable measures have been taken to recover our wealth which has been stolen by Jewry. The government will assist in the recovery of these stolen assets by confiscating all wealth and income of American Jews and applying to paying off the debt. The government will also declare war on World Jewry and target the Jewish bankers and their assets as military targets. The government will declare that all the debt held by Jews, Jewish trusts, Jewish fronts, etc. is null and void as the product of a fraud. That in itself will eliminate a large portion of the debt.

The full force of the government will be behind the recovery of this stolen wealth. Holders of government debt will have the means and incentive to recover monies in the courts, and we will enact legislation giving them the means to discover and seize all assets belonging to Jews directly, as well as through trusts, fronts, etc. This will also aid our intelligence gathering operations to end the Jewish war on the human race.

American citizens will receive first payments on the debt, with priority among Americans going first to the least wealthy, then to veterans, then to the youngest members of our society.

Whereas Carmack's proposals which would require 100% bank reserves that would make old Shylock the only means to obtain credit in town, and whereas Carmack's proposals would flood Asia with our currency and give them the incentive to buy our land and businesses and overtake us, not to place that money in failing US banks, as Carmack incorrectly asserts, without any proof of any sort, would happen; whereas Carmack's proposal would destroy our economy, my proposal of attaching the US national debt to the Jews who created it would pit the entire World which holds our debt against the Jews and give the World the incentive to track down and identify Jews so as to recover stolen assets and gain recompense on bonds and bills. I would make the entire World a private investigation force against the Jews. I would make the entire World a means to bankrupt the Jews.

In this way, no new money would be created to pay off the debt until the Jews were stripped of their wealth and their holdings of media and other businesses by means of which they control us and our economies. I would incentivize the destruction of World Jewry with the most powerful incentive known to man, the profit motive.

When closing down a corporation there is a pecking order by which the assets are distributed and from whom they are taken. I would see to it that the Jews receive nothing and the American People are first served.

"Judenfrei" should learn that there is reason why the mob, which does not regulate the money supply, engages in loan sharking. Loan capital is a critical element of survival. Let the Jews ruin the banks with mandated 100% reserves, while offering no State controlled loan capital, and we would all be at the mercy of the international loan sharks known as "Jews". Carmack's proposal would make usury infinitely more profitable in America than it already is, because there would be no banks left to compete with the loan sharks, since the profit motive which reduces interest rates on loans through fractional reserve banking would disappear and with it banks and low interest rate loans. Usury would reign as never before in America and business would disappear.