Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"The Jewish Year 6000": Proof from the Zohar that the Jews Are Following the Anno Lucis Calender, NOT the Anno Mundi Calender

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish Zohar prophecies that the Jewish messiah will arrive in the year 5666 after the creation of Adam. This serves as proof that the Jews who rule World Jewry observe the Anno Lucis calender, and not the Anno Mundi calender of common Jews, though the Jews mix these and other dating systems whenever it is convenient for them to do so. Christian Identity and Freemasonry also observe the Anno Lucis calender, because they are creations of the Jews.

Arthur Edward Waite summarized the Zoharic literature on the date of the arrival of the messiah in his book The Secret Doctrine in Israel: A Study of the Zohar and Its Connections, Occult Research Press, New York, (n.d.), pp. 148-150:

"In the time of the letter He1—that is, when the He shall rise from the earth—God will fulfil that which is mentioned in Isaiah. The reference is to c. lx, at the end of verse 22, and it reads in the Authorised Version: 'I the Lord will hasten it in his time';2 but the Zohar gives: 'I am the Lord; and it is I who will hasten these marvels when the time thereof shall have come.' When Israel was driven from its abode the letters of the Sacred Name were separated one from another, if it be permissible so to speak; the He was separated from the Vau; and hence the Psalmist said: 'I am dumb with silence.'3 When the Vau is separated from the He the Word is stilled. The day of the letter He is the fifth millenary—the period of Israel in exile. When the sixth millenary comes, the Vau shall raise up the He, and Israel shall be lifted also from the dust.4 After six hundred years of the sixth millenary the Gates of Supreme Wisdom shall open, and the springs of Wisdom shall begin to pour upon this world, which will make ready to enter worthily into the seventh millenary, and this latter will constitute the Sabbath of creation.

Assuming that we have a proper point of departure for calculation, we have in another place1 the exact year of the Messiah's advent. When sixty years shall have elapsed after the sixth century of the sixth millenary, it is said that heaven shall visit the daughter of Jacob. In the seventieth year the King Messiah shall be revealed in the province of Galilee. The portents will he as follows: (1) The rainbow—which is now tarnished, because it serves only as a memorial that the world will be destroyed no more by a deluge—will shine with very brilliant dyes, like a betrothed lady adorning herself to enter into the presence of her spouse.2 (2) A star will appear in the East and swallow up seven stars in the North.3 (3) Presumably after a period, a fixed star will appear in the middle of the firmament and will be visible for seventy days. It will have seventy rays and will be surrounded by seventy other stars.4 (4) The city of Rome will fall to pieces5—an intimation which should be of moment to the hot gospel of certain protestant second-advent preachers, whose vestiges remain among us. (5) A great King will rise up and conquer the world.6 There will be war against Israel, but the chosen people shall be delivered. According to one account, the seventy celestial chiefs who rule the seventy nations of the earth will marshal all the legions of the world to make war on the sacred city of Jerusalem, but they will be exterminated by the power of the Holy One.7 It is written: 'And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame and the house of Esau for stubble.' As such stubble, by such fire and flame shall the nations perish. Thereafter the King Messiah will cause Jerusalem to be rebuilt;2 the Holy one will remember that covenant which He has made with Israel; and in that day will David be also raised up.3 The Messiah will draw to him the whole world; it shall be so to the end of the century; and then the Vau shall be united with the He.4 It will be the period of true bridals; the Messiah will bring about union between the palaces above and below, as also between El and Shaddai.5

The present place of Messiah, according to the prevailing opinion, is in the Garden of Eden, but as the testimony is not in full accord must be left open as to whether this is the Eden above or that which is below. Wheresoever it be, there is a most secret place in the hiddenness which is called the Bird's Nest, and therein he abides.6 In the Paradise there is also a certain place which is called the Palace of the Sick;7 the Messiah enters therein and calls upon all the diseases, sorrows and troubles of Israel in exile to assail himself, and this comes to pass accordingly. Were it otherwise there is no one who could suffer the penalty due to his misdeeds. Hence it is said: 'Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows.'8 So long as Israel dwelt in the Holy Land, and sacrifices were offered therein, Israel was preserved thereby from all maladies and penalties; now it is the Messiah who bears them—as it is affirmed, for flit whole world; but I fear that this can understood only as the world of Israel.9"

Pay special attention to Waite's admonishment, "Assuming that we have a proper point of departure for calculation" because this is key to knowing precisely when the Jews plan to exterminate the human race. I have verified Waite's citations in the Soncino edition of the Zohar, as follows:

"She therefore lies in the dust all the day of the He, that is, the whole of the fifth thousand, which is symbolised [117a] by the Vau, begins, the Vau will resuscitate the He at six times ten (an allusion to the sixty souls), which means the Vau repeated ten times. The Vau will ascend to the Yod and redescend to the He. The Vau will be multiplied into the He ten times, making sixty, when it will raise the exiles from the dust. At every sixty years of the sixth thousand the He will mount a stage higher, acquiring greater strength. And after six hundred years of the sixth thousand there will be opened the gates of wisdom above and the fountains of wisdom below, and the world will make preparations on the sixth day of the week, when the sun is about to set"--The Zohar, Volume 1, Vayera, I, folios 116b-117a, Soncino, London, (1933), p. 364.

"But the chief reason is because the passage speaks of the exile of Israel, intimating that the redemption of Israel will come about through the mystic force of the letter vau, namely, in the sixth millennium, and, more precisely, after six seconds and a half a time. When the sixtieth year shall have passed over the threshold of the sixth millennium, the God of heaven will visit the daughter of Jacob with a preliminary remembrance (p'qidah). Another six and a half years will then elapse, and there will be a full remembrance of her; then another six years, making together seventy-two years and a half. In the year sixty-six the Messiah will appear in the land of Galilee. [***] Happy are those who will be left alive at the end of the sixth millennium to enter on the Sabbath."--The Zohar, Volume 1, Vayera, I, folio 119a, Soncino, London, (1933), pp. 369-371.

The Zohar served as the justification for the original Messiah Son of Joseph, Isaac ben Solomon Luria; and the original Messiah Son of David, Shabbatai Zevi. I say "original", because the Jews, especially pursuant to the Lurian Cabalah--though the belief is much older, believe that Jewish souls are reincarnated and that the souls of the messiahs are reincarnated to serve each successive generation. Shabbatai Zevi declared himself Messiah Son of David in 1666 Anno Domini, which corresponds to 5666 Anno Lucis, not 5666 Anno Mundi, which was 1905-1906 AD. Though the Jews had their Protestant agents declare this date as the arrival of the Messiah for different reasons, it was the Zohar which guided Shabbatai Zevi. This is proof that the Cabalistic Jews were working off of the Anno Lucis dating of Adam having been born at 4000 BC.

It is interesting that Luria corrupted this to fit his life by shortening the scale 100 years. As Zoharist prophecy predicted, he followed the sixty years prophecy, moved to Galilee, and etc. I will have to search to find if the there is any belief that Messiah Son of Joseph would follow this model one hundred years before Messiah Son of David, or if Luria explained the dates in some other way. Regardless of this discrepancy, it is clear that Shabbatai Zevi followed the Anno Lucis calender and that Shabbataians do as well, placing us in immediate peril of the ultimate destruction of humanity at the hands of the Jews.