Thursday, July 09, 2009

More Falsehoods From Daryl Bradford Smith & Co.

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Daryl Bradford Smith, who recently promoted a mockumentary about allegations that the Apollo moon landings were a hoax as if breaking authentic news; Daryl Bradford Smith, who recently tried to convince us that convicted criminal Bernard Madoff is innocent; Daryl Bradford Smith, who recently posted links to articles attacking Cynthia McKinney's credibility; Daryl Bradford Smith is again spreading falsehoods about what I have said and done.

Daryl Bradford Smith falsely claims that I trashed him for putting out the story of Shabbatai Zvi (which I taught him and which I put out before him to a vast audience, his included), that I trashed him for talking about the Young Turk involvement in the Armenian Genocide (which I taught him and put out before him to a vast audience, his included), etc. What I did do is warn that Daryl Bradford Smith would be likely to discredit those who associate with him. Smith brought us the false story that Christopher Bollyn was either murdered or kidnaped. Smith has been featured on CNN. Smith has viciously attacked many of his former guests without just cause, myself included. My advice that he could potentially discredit the Armenians was and is sound. But that issue, the one I did raise, Smith does not address.

Smith states that I said his name is not Daryl Bradford Smith and that I have other websites making this claim. Smith cannot substantiate this false claim, because I have said no such thing. It is clear that Smith has no real reason to object to what I have said about him, which factual arguments he does not address, so he fabricates reasons to attack me with falsehoods which reveal his thinking, not mine.

"Ognir" of the Disinformation Underground puts his childish language in my mouth. In fact, I mocked his juvenile talk, placing it in quotation marks, and pointed out to him that I had already accomplished my goals with him and that he had grossly misrepresented what had transpired. "Ognir" does not name nor address the reasons why I criticized him and his false statements that we face no problem from Jewry other than Zionism and that Zionism has nothing to do with religion. "Ognir" is not interested in substance, but rather in emotion which distracts from substance. I have already proven that he is wrong, and he has not contested a word of what I have stated. "Ognir" does not criticize Smith for linking to articles attacking McKinney. "Ognir" does not take Smith or "Rafeeq" to task for promoting a mockumentary as if breaking news, most especially on the heels of interviews with Cynthia McKinney. Etc. Etc. Etc. In sum, "Ognir" is not for real.

"Ognir" tries to belittle my blog, but my blogposts linking to his site resulted in far more hits on his nothing site than his own threads generate on their own in his own forum. I notice that my readers are not interested in the collective wisdom caught in the drool bucket which is the Disinformation Underground, and the other postings on that site have received no boost, indicating that my readers were not impressed at all and did not venture outside of that one thread to which I directly linked.

I advise those attacked by the Disinformation Underground, as I have been, that this group prompts its fellows to swamp comments sections in JIDF fashion. This is why they are frustrated that I do not have a comments section on my blog.

"Ognir" complains that I have focused attention on what Daryl Bradford Smith & Co. have recently done on the heels of their interviews with Cynthia McKinney. I can only imagine what would have transpired had I not.

"Ognir" falsely claims that he in some way had "baited" me into revealing that I had visited his website. His claim is nonsense. I made it clear that I had seen his site by the fact that I was aware of how an intermediary, one who has since pushed "Rafeeq's" nonsense about the moon shot very hard, a man calling himself "Lord Lindsey" had arranged "Ognir's" interviews with McKinney–information only to be gleaned from his website. Apparently "Ognir" considers it a mark of shame to have looked at his website, and therefore to have shamed me by smearing me so that I would respond and demonstrate that I was so stupid as to have looked at his website which visit only a fool would make. He considers that smearmongering "bait" to discover whether or not someone has seen his website, since he apparently considers it a shameful act to have visited his website. This is more proof that "Ognir" is a deceptive person by his own self description, in that he claims he sought to bait me with smears, though he should already have known that I had seen his site by my statements about "Lord Lindsey" on 28 June 2009. I have never accused "Ognir" of being intelligent.

On 28 June 2009, I posted the following blog:


Sunday, June 28, 2009

On the Heels of His Cynthia McKinney Interview, Daryl Bradford Smith & Co. Turn Up the Hufschmid "Shtick" on the Moon Landings

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Daryl Bradford Smith & Co. are now promoting old information about the moon shots as if new news. They are going full blast with an Eric Hufschmid style routine about the "Power Hour" and moon landings. I hope McKinney is not affected by this.

She has exhibited terrible judgement working with this crew. It appears that someone going by the moniker "Lord Lindsey" has arranged these interviews.

Smith has also repeatedly interviewed Ralph Nader, who had the effect of a spoiler candidate to elect George Bush. Why would Nader associate with the likes of Smith, who has been featured on CNN? Would not such an association be political suicide? Why haven't Nader and others been associated with Smith in the press as a means to discredit them? I wonder if McKinney will be tied to Smith at the right time."

The audio file from Daryl Bradford Smith & Co. is available here:

The relevant portion begins about 26 minutes, 48 seconds, into the file.