Friday, July 03, 2009

On the Attempt at a Critique of My Work by the Zionist Website "Judenfrei"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A website which promotes the views of Eric Hufschmid, has attempted to besmirch me and criticize my work. In so doing, the author(s) of the openly personal attack raise a few points worth addressing.

I will start off by demonstrating the Eric Hufschmid style sophistical attacks against me which are meant to raise doubts about me, so that the relevant arguments regarding my work appear to be somehow justified and legitimate, when they are not. On the one hand I am criticized for putting too much into my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein, while on the other I am accused of putting too little on my webpage about Christian Zionism. This is one of several obvious contradictions in the attack by my critics which demonstrates that they are out to demonize me with whatever petty attacks they can fabricate from whole cloth, rather than engage in a civil and fair discussion meant to arrive at the truth.

The more a view contradicts the common view, the more the proof that is required to refute the common view. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Demonstrating that Albert Einstein was a racist Jew and that Jews have always generally been a racist people was, in 2006, an extraordinary claim to make in America, and it required extraordinary proof, which I provided. Instead of thanking me for this tremendous and productive effort which cost me much time and funds, I am instead attacked for making this effort by the Zionists at "Judenfrei". Here again, we see that they are not out to be fair or civil, but instead to try make my virtues and the virtues of my work appear to somehow be weaknesses and flaws. Theirs is a common Jewish tactic. Whereas they should be thanking me and praising me, they are instead attacking me–a clear "tell" as to their motivations. "Judenfrei" misrepresents my views when it states, "He maintains the Holocaust narrative as true!" What is that narrative and where did I state that it is true?

Would "Judenfrei" have me discredit myself by denying the fact that Jews were genocided from Europe, in the sense that a people is dislocated, which is one of the definitions of genocide. Where are the prewar populations of Jews in Europe today? Would "Judenfrei" have me discredit myself by denying that there were concentration camps and discriminatory laws against Jews, or that Jews were rounded up against their will?

"Judenfrei" correctly points out that I do not much address 9/11. I do not wish to be associated with clowns like Eric Hufschmid and Daryl Bradford Smith who dominate that arena, nor do I wish to be associated Alex Jones and his crowd, or the dialectic created between these factions of "Truthers". I do believe that the Jews were behind the attack, and have never criticized anyone for making that claim. Again, instead of thanking me for the monumental and unequalled efforts I have made to expose the crimes of Jewry, Zionist "Judenfrei" searches for reasons to find fault with what I haven't done. If I found a cure for cancer "Judenfrei" would probably claim that I am working against humanity because I didn't cure heart disease. Their attitude reveals their motives.

While attacking me for pointing out how Christian Zionism is a contradiction in terms, again as opposed to thanking me for providing this useful and often copied work, the "Judenfrei" attack proposes that the page is somehow a diversion from other more important issues–more important than proving that Christians cannot be Zionists, issues which are obscure, to say the least, to the average Christian Zionist. Rather than have me quote the Bible which is at hand to the vast the majority of Christian Zionists, and which clearly states that Jesus is of the tribe of Judah through his descent through David making him a Jew by usual definition, rather than make a sound analysis based on readily understood and available concepts and materials, "Judenfrei" claims that I am deceptive because I do not confuse the audience with references to Khazars nor delve into the etymology of the word "Jew". Thanks but no thanks for your unsolicited advice! I prefer to show Christians what their Bible tells them about the Jews, and what the Jews' Talmud and other writings tell the Jews about Christ and Christians. This has a proven record of making Christians look with suspicion upon the Jews, whereas the Khazarian theories and Christian Identity arguments have never proven successful against the Jews.

I have addressed the Khazarian question (and the Berber and Arab origins of modern Jews and Babylonian origins of ancient Jews--where has "judenfrei" ever addressed these? what proof does "Judenfrei" offer that any tribe of Israelite ever existed outside of Jewish mythology meant to justify the theft of Palestine? why does "Judenfrei" push Jewish religious mythology on the Goyim? where are the mytholgical Israelites in the writings of the Egyptians, or for that matter where are the Jews in the writings of the Greek historians prior to or concurrent with the fabrication of the Torah?) in my books, my lectures and my articles, in contradiction to "Judenfrei's" false contentions to the contrary. I guess while searching for something to attack, "Judenfrei" overlooked those inconvenient facts.

"Judenfrei" claims that I tried to sow the seeds of discord between Eric Hufschmid and Daryl Bradford Smith. What I did do is tell Smith I did not want to be a part of his skunk spraying contests, and that I wanted to take an intellectual approach. I suggested to them that Eric do a show of his own, and that Daryl do a show of his own and let each grow their own audience and start a network. "Judenfrei" fails to point out that Hufschmid was at that time criticizing me for attacking Zionism. It was Hufschmid, not I, who thought that it was a mistake to go full bore against the Zionists. I did tell Hufschmid that his association with Sam Danner would discredit him and I also told Smith that it would be a bad idea to be associated with Danner's story. Of course, instead of being thanked for providing this proven sound advice, I am instead attacked for it. When Hufschmid continued down the path toward discrediting himself (note that his Danner interview came immediately on the heels of his interview with me about my Einstein book and was certainly likely to taint me by association if I let it) I cut off all contact with him. Likewise, as Smith acted out in soap opera fashion instead of taking an intellectual approach to the problem, and took actions of which I did not approve and suggested things to me which made no sense to me, I cut off all contact with him. How wise history is proving me to have been!

"Judenfrei" asserts without proof that my proposed legal measures to defeat Jewry would backfire and never be accepted by Northern Europeans, on the basis that "Judenfrei" instead wants to satisfy its Zionist desire for an ingathering of the Jews in Israel. I have for a very long time, much longer than parrot proposals of some others, advocated that the Palestinians, Lebanese, and virtually all other peoples sue the Jews for their aggression and illegal acts. These measures are finally beginning to be taken and they are very effective, as evinced by the Israelis' response:

Israel worries over intense 'legal war'

"Judenfrei" would instead have us fear the retaliation of the bankers and pay them off, in addition to fulfilling the Zionist dream of gathering all the Jews of the World together in Israel.

"Judenfrei" correctly observes that I am not Zionist and I do not want the Jews to segregate and perpetuate the Jewish people. "Judenfrei" considers this a trick of some kind, and asserts without proof or logical demonstration that Northern Europeans could never be convinced of the efficacy, morality or practicality of my approach to solving the Jewish problem. History contradicts "Judenfrei's" claims. As the Nazis rounded up the Jews, most if not all of the societies welcomed the purges. There was no genuine mass sympathy for the Jews even in America and Great Britain and the Jews had to work overtime to manufacture an artificial appearance of a mere semblance of such sympathy. Informed citizens have never been sympathetic to Jewry.

Human nature is to despise an aggressive enemy. Human beings will embrace my proposals, because my proposals solve the problem, rather than fulfill Jewish messianic prophecy as "Judenfrei" would have us do. "Judenfrei" accuses with the statement, "Again, Bjerknes slyly espouses the Holocaust lie." There are many Holocaust lies, not one of which have I ever knowingly espoused. It appears that "Judenfrei" is trying to bait me into discrediting myself with general statements. Be specific "Judenfrei". Do you deny that the Nazis changed Jewish demographics in Europe in profound ways? One of the definitions of genocide is remove a people from a place. This took place, unless you can prove otherwise. If you can prove otherwise, offer the proof, but do not speak in vagaries and accusations for which you offer no proof.

"Judenfrei's" arguments on banking and economic matters are a bit more interesting and better thought out, though still fatally riddled with contradictions, misrepresentations, omissions, apologetics and other flaws which defeat them. Numerous unproven assumptions appear in the presentation and there are even more alternative outcomes which are left unacknowledged and unaddressed. What proof is there that paying off debt holders will result in banks being able to maintain 100% reserves and still offer enough credit to prevent deflation and economic collapse? What proof is there that banks will remain solvent under these proposals, or that there will be the profits needed to create such banks, or that citizens and businesses will make such substantial deposits as would be need to grow the economy? On what basis is the claim made that no economic growth will be needed merely because our money will become debt free? While it is true that we will not need to create value to pay interest, this does not imply that will not need to create economic growth. Do we not wish to better our society? Do we not wish to out compete our international competitors? Do we not need to become more self sufficient?

Before redressing the attacks made against me, I ask "Judenfrei" to substantiate the unproven assumptions made in the proposals offered, and to quote directly where I have made the assertions "Judenfrei" claims I have made. If and when that it is done, I believe I will have an easy time pointing out the necessary consequences and alternative scenarios left out of "Judenfrei's" borrowed utopian proposals that leave the Jews as absolute masters of the money markets and the World economy.

What, if any, is the relationship between "Judenfrei" and the original author of the banking reform proposals which "Judenfrei" advocates? What, if any, is the relationship between "Judenfrei" and Eric Hufschmid? Why do you, "Judenfrei", want to fulfill the Zionists' fondest wish and ingather the Jews to Palestine? Please don't obfuscate the issue with tired lectures about who and what Jews, Israelites and Judahites are and were, other than to let us know whether you are pushing Christian Identity, or British Israel, or some other such Jewish manufactured theories or theory. Just answer the question. Why do you want to help the Zionists to place all Jews alive today in the Nation of Israel? I have responded to your concerns. Kindly respond to mine.