Saturday, July 04, 2009

On the Disingenuous Responses From "Ognir" of the Disinformation Underground

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I requested a show of good faith from Daryl Bradford Smith's parrot, who calls himself "Ognir". Instead, I received disingenuous denials and false accusations from "Ognir":

An Irish Clone of Daryl Bradford Smith

The overaged punk in effect denies that he has been unfair to me, and states, " I'd love him to post a link where I was unfair to him." This "Ognir" evidently does not consider it unfair or indecent of him to openly and immediately condone and applaud a lewd smear made against me on his unfair thread "Christopher Jon Bjerknes - Zionist Shill?" This "Ognir" evidently does not find it unfair to address the fact that I have complained about his actions and statements, and more importantly those of Daryl Bradford Smith and Muhammad Rafeeq, actions which discredit Cynthia McKinney, among many other detrimental effects; but does not address the substance of my complaints or in any way attempt to refute them, but instead appeals to emotion and declares me "angry" and has even hypocritically and angrily cursed me with vulgarity. Why is not "Ognir" insistent that my complaints be addressed? His silence speaks volumes and is itself unfair.

"Ognir" grossly misrepresents what I have stated, and claims in the thread at the Disinformation Underground An Irish Clone of Daryl Bradford Smith:

"Why is he always bitching about Jews, he seems to HATE ALL OF THEM
yet with this clear violation of International law by this shithole of a country
he says nothing, nothing about the illegal way that the 21 are being held
without access to lawyers"


"You would think that CJB is also pushing the idea that the Jews arrested McKinney because she did a few interviews with us, yet again ignoring the people of Gaza and their urgent needs."

"Ognir" clearly has no regard for the truth, and instead tries to discredit me with falsehoods. I never stated nor did I ever even remotely imply that the Jews arrested Cynthia McKinney because she did interviews with Daryl Bradford Smith or "Ognir". "Ognir" will not be able to provide a single honest quotation from me to substantiate his falsehoods. "Ognir" also tells untruths when he claimed on 4 July 2009 that I have ignored the illegality of the Israeli attack on the Palestinians or their plight. Contrary to the falsehoods of "Ognir", I wrote on this blog:

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Qui veut noyer son chien l'accuse de rage

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Max Nordau stated at the First Zionist Conference in 1897:

"'If you have to drown a dog,' says the proverb, 'you must first declare him to be mad.'"

Jews often accuse their accuser in an effort to avoid the accusation. Note the Israeli spin in the following news reports:

UN expert says Israeli seizure of aid ship a crime

Activists to break Gaza blockade

The Israelis attempt to change the subject of their illegal aggression against the aid ship carrying Cynthia McKinney, to an attack on the motives of its mission. In order to justify drowning the humanitarian mission, the Jews call it mad.

The Jews claim the motivation of the aid shipment was not humanitarian, but rather public relations, as if those two concerns were mutually exclusive. They are not. It is logically consistent for an aid mission to be both the transport of humanitarian aid and a public relations effort to raise international awareness of the plight of a suffering people, which public relations effort is in itself is an humanitarian effort meant to bring relief to a victimized people.

Israelis often defame the Palestinians and try to blame them for what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians, and the Israelis often deny the suffering they are willfully inflicting on the Palestinians, which unjustly harms the image of the Palestinians in the court of public opinion. To counter Israeli propaganda by drawing attention to the plight of the Palestinians at the hands of the Israelis is in itself an humanitarian effort meant to bring aid and relief to the suffering Palestinians.

It is the Israelis who have brought this story to the headlines by illegally capturing a prominent American who served in the Congress of the United States. I hope that the public relations campaign to expose the plight of the Palestinians is quite successful, as successful as it is just and necessary. The Israelis are helping it along!

Note that the Israelis instinctively believe that a public relations campaign must have a sinister purpose. Why is that?

Prior to that, I wrote on 1 July 2009:


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

As I Predicted, Cynthia McKinney's Name Made Mud Due to Her Associations With Daryl Bradford Smith, and His Clone, "Ognir"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Once again, I really, really, really hate to say I told you so, because Cynthia McKinney deserves better in spite of her lapse in judgement, but as I predicted Cynthia McKinney is being put through the meat grinder for associating with Daryl Bradford Smith and "Ognir":

McKinney Arrested By Israel, Appears on Hate Radio

McKinney on hate radio again

I wonder if and when CNN will pick up on this story. I heard they have connections with the CIA and sometimes put out stories for them. I know they have covered Smith in the past.

I wonder if the media will pick up on Daryl Bradford Smith & Co.'s Apollo moon landings hoax theories and how the "Zionists" allegedly profitted. Should be very entertaining for those in search of ways to discredit McKinney and change the subject from Israel's illegal attack on her.

I wish you well, courageous and selfless Cynthia. You deserve far better than what fate is doling out to you. I suggest you look into who set you up for this.


"Ognir" has a hard time confining himself to the truth. Will "Ognir" retract the falsehoods he has told about my statements, or is he just another Smith? Instead of providing the information I requested from him regarding "Muhammad Rafeeq", "Ognir" whines and complains as he so often does. I made a straightforward and simple request. The fact that "Ognir" desires to avoid these issues, while joining in on rampages against Alex Jones and his wife, demonstrates that "Ognir" is tendencious and not interested in the full truth, including the truth about "Muhammad Rafeeq". Everyone who follows "Ognir" already knows who and what Alex Jones is and represents. Let's find out a bit more about "Muhammad" who made an ass of himself yet again and by way of association and comment also made an ass of "Ognir", who did not object to what was said.

"Ognir" must know that I did not state nor imply that he is to blame for Cynthia McKinney's arrest. He must also know that I have dubbed that arrest "illegal" and condemned it, as well as the Israel oppression of the Palestinians. So why is "Ognir" spreading falsehoods about what I have said, instead of answering my simple and straightforward questions? Why does not "Ognir" address the real accusations I have made against him and Daryl Bradford Smith, and the intermediary who arranged their interviews with Cynthia McKinney? Why has not "Ognir" addressed the fact that he had an irrationally negative response to one of his interviews with McKinney? Why has not "Ognir" addressed the fact that he, together with Daryl Bradford Smith and "Muhammad Rafeeq" made Cynthia look bad by making themselves look bad by addressing old issues regarding accusations that the Apollo moon landing was a hoax? Why does not "Ognir" tell us the name of the intermediary who arranged these interviews with Cynthia McKinney? Why is the Disinformation Underground pushing this Apollo moon landings nonsense, including "Ognir" himself in his unfair attack on me by quoting a letter from Scott Summers on this issue, and also including the intermediary who calls himself "Lord Lindsey"?

"Ognir" pretends that I have not already refuted his nonsensical claims that Zionism has nothing to do with religion or the Jewish People. Let him respond to what I have already said with new facts and arguments, if he is able. Thus far he has only endorsed lewd smears against me, deceitfully misrepresented what I have clearly stated, and backed away from confronting "Muhammad Rafeeq".

"Ognir" is not for real. He is another Smith, and I predict that he will continue to disappoint you at critical times in our fight against World Jewry.