Thursday, July 16, 2009

Parrots Andrew Carrington Hitchcock and Daryl Bradford Smith Reiterate What I Have Said Before Them, Then Call It "Disinformation"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, who often parrots what I have said about the Rothschilds, the Vatican, etc. joined Daryl Bradford Smith to parrot what I have said about the Nazis and Zionists before them in the very work of 2006 which they criticize as if "disinformation", The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein. These two parrots claim that my work is "disinformation" because it is infinitely more thorough than their shallow copies of it. Hitchcock parrots almost verbatim my analysis that the Zionists gave up on the Transfer Agreement after it failed and then turned up the heat on the Jews to encourage them to move to Palestine. I said all of what he said on this issue long before him. Smith parrots my declarations on Mao Tse-Tung and Chiang Kai-shek, made in, among other places, my blog of 6 March 2007:

Mainland China and Taiwan: Reconciling the Divorce, March 06, 2007

They both parrot what I have said about other issues related to the Zionists and the Nazis. Funny how my "disinformation" mysteriously becomes authentic when these two clowns copy it from me and cheapen it with their unreferenced drivel. It is clear that I did the original research and documented it. I preceded them and taught it to them. Instead of being grateful, they copy what I have said without attribution and then declare my work which preceded their copies is "disinformation". Hitchcock pretends that I have not written brief blogs, and given many interviews and lectures detailing that which he parrots, long before he had the audacity to parrot my words. I have literally written the long and the short of the story, before he copied what I have said before him.

Listen for yourselves to Smith and Hitchcock parrot my statements then criticize me for having said what they copied before them, and for having used big words in my writings (sounds quite Hufschmidesque):

TFC guest Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, 15th July 09, part 1

TFC guest Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, 15th July 09, part 1

My book, which Hitchcock parrots while criticizing it as too scholarly, is available for free here:

The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein

If that is too long and has too many big words for you, try this interview I did with Hesham Tillawi:

Hesham Tillawi of Interviews Christopher Jon Bjerknes, December 14, 2006

Or my article which I wrote and published immediately after David Irving was arrested in 2005:

Free Speech, Free David Irving

If that fails to prove the point, then listen to the interviews I gave to Daryl Bradford Smith on January 13, 27, 31, February 2, and July 18, 22, 25, 28 of 2006, and to the interviews I gave Eric Hufschmid on June 27 and July 1, 2006. You will be amazed by the echoes of my exact words you hear from Smith and Hitchcock!

If that fails to impress you, then listen to my interview of Jim Condit, Jr. on 23 May 2007:

Christopher Jon Bjerknes Interviews Jim Condit, Jr.

May 23, 2007

Full Interview (21.5 MB)

Hour 1 (6.86 MB)

Hour 2 (6.86 MB)

Hour 3 (7.79 MB)

I have not cited all of my blogs and other articles, or interviews, or lectures, in which I said what the parrots have copied from me. The links I have provided are more than sufficient to prove the point.

It is truly amazing how Smith and Hitchcock mirror my work, then criticize me for having said before them what they copy from me. In fact, it is laughable and everyone knows they are parroting my work without providing the citations I provided and without crediting me for my insights.