Thursday, July 16, 2009

We Need More Video and Other Media Displaying the Common Humanity of Arabs, Persians and Americans

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The "Anti-Zionist Movement" has become little more than a news service with several websites linking to mostly mainstream articles detailing Israeli and Jewish abuses, and presenting interviews which provide secondhand analyses of these mainstream reports. This serves a very useful purpose, but far more is needed to effectively combat World Jewry, as the Jews wage relentless war on the human race.

The Arabs and Persians need to counteract the negative stereotypes the Jews are creating to smear them and to "justify" the Jewish genocidal war on Muslims. The Jews have been quite effective at demeaning American blacks and other large groups of impoverished citizens, and American blacks and the others, whites included, have done little to counteract the Jewish propaganda. As a result, Americans tolerate the existence of vast swaths of filthy, crime ridden neighborhoods in our inner cities, which shock visitors from the civilized world.

As a result of Jewish propaganda, Muslims are feared and hated by large numbers of Americans, most especially by American Jews. In addition to showing the horrifying Jewish crimes against Muslims, and the after effects of those crimes, we need to restore the humanity of these victims of Jewish aggression in the minds of the World public.

The "Anti-Zionist Movement" needs to grow beyond being a mere news service into a political force. This growth should take place outside the "Patriot Movement" and be a mainstream movement of ordinary Americans, where the real numbers and effective populace resides. These people can be reached through testimonials from Arabs and Persians, which not only demonstrate the vicious attacks of the Jews, but which also show the common humanity of mankind and the injustice of these Jewish attacks against normal men, women and children.

The Muslim community must produce dialogue and improving relations between Sunni and Shia, Arab and Persian, to counteract the Jewish war to pit these groups against one another for the benefit of the genocidal Jews. Venezuela, the Arabs and the Persians combined have the ability to unite and dictate to the Jews their Palestinian policy, and to the Jewish controlled West its policy towards the remainder of humanity. The American "Anti-Zionist Movement" should be doing more to expose how the Jews are pitting these groups against one another and against the World, and demonstrating that we stand far more to gain from an alliance with Islam, than with an alliance with the treacherous Jews.

Again, this effort should focus on Mainstreet America, not the thoroughly infiltrated and demonstrably ineffective "Patriot Community". We need voices in churches. We need people to stand up and grab the microphone at public events and let their fellow citizens know how the Jews are stealing trillions of our dollars and bringing us into wars we have no need nor desire to fight. We need to start a "buzz" going throughout America and let everyone hear it ringing in their ears. Let the guilty know for whom the bell tolls and that there will be justice for their hundreds of millions of murdered victims. Let Americans know who are the fifth column in our midst and who are potentially our best allies to combat them.