Monday, August 03, 2009

Correction: "Ognir" Is an Eric Hufschmid Clone

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Daryl Bradford Smith is back to his lunatic rants of constant smearmongering. Smith was always far worse than Hufschmid, who served more as a foil for Smith as Smith frothed at the mouth defaming people.

I recently called "Ognir" a clone of Smith, but I must now conclude that "Ognir" is more of a mild mannered Hufschmid who pretends to take Smith seriously. Together they try to drive wedges between people and smear people. Together they make the absurd claim that the moon landings were a hoax.

Smith says that I am buddies with Mike Rivero. I have no connection to Rivero and am friends with the truth, logic and fairness, not Mike Rivero. In fact, I have harshly criticized Rivero based on the facts:

Mike Rivero of WhatReallyHappened.Com Is Decended from Marrano Jews of Spain, October 13, 2007

Mike Rivero of Should Stop Trying to Sell Us on an Israeli Attack on Iran, May 21, 2009

Smith falsely claims that I am working for Jeff Rense. Notice that Smith frequently lies about me and never retracts his lies. Smith's is the classic lying rumor-mongering of COINTELPRO. Perhaps that is why Smith falsely claims that I am friends with Rivero, when I am not and Smith cannot offer any proof that his lie is true. Rivero has a good page up which reveals the tactics and strategies of Daryl Bradford Smith & Co. and I am glad to have it as a resource to which I can direct my readers. Smith, who falsely claims that I am friends of Rivero and working with Rense, evidently wants to make certain that neither Rense nor Rivero link to my work and concurrently to mislead people to believe that I support all of the views of Jeff Rense and Mike Rivero. I do not and Smith knows that I do not. In fact, Smith is much closer to Rense and Rivero's views than am I, in that all three claim that Zionism is political in nature, not religious, and that we do not face a threat from World Jewry.

Daryl Bradford Smith is a liar and a smearmonger and he never quotes me directly nor does he provide links to support his lies, which shows that he is fabricating his baseless attacks out of whole cloth and is knowingly lying. In addition he never retracts his lies nor does he ever attempt to substantiate them with verifiable facts. Note that Smith's highly unethical behavior suits his new sidekick and fellow smearmonger "Ognir" just fine. Note that neither one of them ever takes issue with the facts I present other than by waving their hands and screaming to distract you. They never state that what I have said is mistaken for this, that and the other reason, and quote me directly. They never respond to my arguments proving them wrong for what they state. They are smearmongers pure and simple.

I suggest my readers go through Rivero's COINTELPRO page. You will find much that reminds you of Daryl Bradford Smith & Co. It is a shame the team has replaced Hufschmid with "Ognir". "Ognir" is not overly bright nor does he have Hufshcmid's tongue in cheek sense of humor. He is just an insipid punk who is much more boring to listen to than Hufschmid. They need to mix in a bit more of Hufschmid's DNA in order to up "Ognir's" IQ and give him some of Hufschmid's sense of humor, which I can only guess eludes stupid intelligence operatives and lunatics.