Monday, August 24, 2009

"Critical Mass" My . . . ! What We Need Are Election Candidates

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There is a common refrain in the "Patriot Movement" that all we can do to save ourselves from Jewish aggression is "spread information" and hope to reach a "critical mass" of informed people at which point a "revolution" will supposedly spontaneously erupt and set us free. The "critical mass" needed for real change in America already existed in the majority of the electorate in 2008, but we failed to field a candidate for president. Instead, the Jews' nobody from nowhere, Barack Hussein Obama, won the election on the meaningless slogan "change" that resonated with disgusted and desperate Americans, whom we left no option for real change due to our failure to provide an alternative candidate.

We do not need a "revolution" to seize control of America. We need candidates for political office who share our views and who are unafraid to speak the truth and exercise power in an effective way. The votes are out there, but we must offer the public leaders who can attract them and capitalize on the majority opinion that the present leadership and their political parties are corrupt.

For example, the insipid Ron Paul attracted millions of dollars and millions of man hours, despite the fact that he was a very weak candidate, a phony candidate who did not represent the views of the majority of his often fanatical supporters. Think of what a candidate who sincerely represented the views of most Americans could achieve, if only he or she would run.

Americans are already informed enough to vote POWER PARTY. The trillions of dollars the Jews have stolen, the endless wars the Jews create, the flow of jobs overseas and flagrant attack on our currency, the increasingly expensive and deteriorating health care system, the pillaged retirement accounts, all of these things and still more horrors are painfully familiar to most Americans. They do not need more information. Rather they need representation in government who will fight for their interests against the Jews who are out to destroy America.

Americans are already ready to vote for other loyal Americans, loyal Americans who want America to succeed, Americans who want the next generation of Americans to have a better life than we had, Americans who want Americans to be stronger, better educated and more moral than any generation we have yet produced, Americans who want finally to close the gates to the temple of Janus in celebration of lasting peace. The voters are there, but the candidates are not.

Instead of accumulating explosive force which will only ultimately pit us against ourselves, we should be accumulating candidates who represent us and our interests. We should be in the political debate, not as whiners but as leaders. We should be presenting new ideas and solutions. We should take control over our own destiny, not perpetually cry about how impotent we allegedly are, and how allegedly omnipotent are the Jews.

The midterm elections will soon be upon us. Let us not sit out yet another election and watch helplessly as the Jews murder more of our children and make it increasingly difficult for us to ever recover from their ancient attack. It is time for American baby boomers to at last grow up and show some responsibility for and towards our great homeland.