Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The "New World Order" Is the Jewish Sabbath Millennium

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Rabbi Joseph Crooll wrote in 1812, in his book The Restoration of Israel, London, (1812/1814), that the Jews would rule the coming "New World". At pages 10-11, and 99, Rabbi Crooll tells us that this "New World" is the "Jewish Utopia" of Jewish messianic prophecy, in which age the Jews will have destroyed the "seventy" nations of the Goyim and sent all non-Jews to Hell:

"Thus man became a fallen creature, and will continue so for six thousand years, according to the days of the creation of the world, but no longer. This is the second period, or properly the middle world, and its proper title, the wicked and ungodly world.

From all that is here advanced may clearly be seen that the Messiah is not yet come; for the world must exist in a corrupt state six thousand years, and the question is, of what use would his coming be? But when this number shall be at an end, or nearly at an end, then will be the time of his coming; and then will commence the third period, or properly, the NEW world, which will be called the world of the Messiah.

THE NEW WORLD--will commence by the first appearance of the Messiah; the world will be restored to its former glory, a new heaven and a new earth will appear, the former will pass away, mankind will recover their primitive glory, and will be above the angels; Satan and his band will be destroyed. The seventh day of the creation was the Sabbath, and that day only received a blessing, and was set apart for ever to be observed as a holy day; which was a type of Sabbath, i. e. the world of the Messiah, which also will be called the blessed world. [***] This will be called the New World, or the world of the Messiah."

At pages 21-23 and 88-89, Rabbi Crooll informs us that the Messiah comes only for the Jews and will be at war with the Goyim. At pages 89-91, Rabbi Crooll instructs us that the fate of the Goyim, the seventy nations, in the "New World" is to be murdered and cast into Hell by the Messiah and the Jews. Crooll states that the "New World" is the "new earth" and "new heavens" prophesied by the Jews' Isaiah, in Isaiah 65:17; 66:22.

The Much dreaded "New World Order" is in fact the artificial fulfilment of ancient Jewish messianic prophecy, as I explained in, among many other places, my blog of 8 December 2008:

The Universal Enslavement of the Non-Jew, Part 4: The Genocidal Jewish Prophets, December 08, 2008

Lest one mistakenly conclude that Crooll's terminology is unique to him, consider the fact that the Jewish author of The Jewish Utopia which was published in 1932, Rabbi Michael Higger used the same term for the Sabbath Millennium of the Jews, having titled the ninth chapter of his book which describes this messianic period as "A New World".