Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Smoking Gun Evidence of Jewish Wars Against Russia

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



On 5 June 1916, on page 6, in an article entitled, "Jacob Schiff Quits Jewish Movements", the New York Times quoted Rothschild agent and Jewish banker Jacob Schiff's own statement that he had blocked Russia's access to the money markets during several of Russia's wars, wars which the Jews had caused,

"I, who have for twenty-five years singlehanded struggled against the invasion of the Russian Government into American money markets, and to this day stave them off."

There was nothing new about the Jewish campaign to destroy Russia with war and by blocking Russia's access to loan capital. Major Osman Bey wrote in his book The Conquest of the World by the Jews: An Historical and Ethnical Essay, St. Louis Book & News Company, St. Louis, (1878), p. 55:

"Yet the Jews hate the Russians because so far they have not succeeded in obtaining such a powerful influence in their country, as it has been shown that they possess in England; and therefore the following cablegram, received in the United States, March 29, 1878, from abroad, will explain itself. Here it is:

'Russia's pecuniary troubles increase every day. It is said, that all the Hebrew bankers in London and on the continent have agreed not only to refuse to lend Russia any money, but to prevent the success of any loan she may put on the market. England, on the contrary, can command practically endless supplies of the sinews of war!'"

For more on Schiff and the Rothschilds' campaign to destroy Russia, a murderous campaign that claimed tens of millions of innocent Gentile lives, see my blog of 29 January 2008:

The Genocidal Jewish Supremacist Jacob H. SCHIFF, January 29, 2008

These families, and the Jewish People who were led by them and who profited from their criminal actions, exist today. Why have the Russians, the Ukrainians and Poles never sought reparations from the Jews for these crimes against humanity? Why do we Americans not seek damages from the bankers who are today stealing trillions of our dollars?