Friday, August 21, 2009

Time to Clean House: The Coming Midterm Elections

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

On 2 November 2010, we have the opportunity to seize control of the Congress. The midterm elections also provide us with an opportunity to take over the majority of the States in the gubernatorial elections.

Time is running out to take advantage of these opportunities. The Jews are distracting us by drawing all of our attention to Barack Obama. As I stated in my blog of 8 June 2009, we should not lose sight of the Congress:

With Obama Constantly in the Spotlight, It Is Important Not to Lose Sight of the Treachery of the Congress, June 08, 2009

"We have a tendency to use most of our resources exposing the criminal treachery of the President, while largely ignoring the treachery of the Congress, especially on the level of individual members. This is a mistake for several reasons.

The Congress will have the power to declare war on Iran and oblige the President to fight that war. The Congress will also assume the power to delegate that authority to the President and short circuit the Constitution and thereby deny the rights of the American People to representation. Members of the Congress are more frequently elected in the election cycle and therefore it is easier to change the complexion of Congress as a whole and send signals to Congress than to the President, thereby making the Congress more easily influenced than the Presidency. Congress has the power of impeachment and can hamstring or remove the President with this power. Congress is more easily and effectively reached and more effective to lobby than the Presidency. Individual members of Congress are easier to defeat in elections with pooled resources than is a Presidential candidate. Etc. Etc. Etc.

It will be the Congress that will hold hearings on the banks. It was the Congress that enabled the President to steal trillions of dollars from the American taxpayer and hand it over to the Jews. It was the Congress that together with the President helped the Jews to destroy the American automobile industry. It is the Congress that has passed legislation meant to strip of us of our fundamental rights, which the Jewish controlled President will eagerly sign.

We are foolish to neglect the crimes of the Congress and to miss the opportunity to seize control of the State by criticizing and replacing the current Congress. We are more likely to elect at least one person to Congress than to win the White House, and one voice in the Congress can stir the American People to action.

There ought to be at least one sophisticated web site that records the votes, speeches and actions of the individual members of Congress as they relate to the Jews and the fifth column of traitors who sponsor Jewish crimes against America and the World. The Jews never neglect to focus on the Congress, and neither should we. We can put tremendous pressure on these politicians by focusing attention directly at them both individually and collectively and we can replace them in the election cycle."

Beware, the Gustav Siegfried Eins (GS1) COINTELPRO-style operation is in full swing to prevent any grassroots resistance to the Jews from forming at this time when we need to focus on taking political control over our nation. The coming elections afford us the opportunity to do so. If the same effort expended on the CIA/British Intelligence soap operas flaring up across the internet were instead devoted to real and productive issues that shape our destiny, we could win several elections and enter our voice into the public discourse.

Life forms which do not attend to their own survival, perish, forever.