Monday, December 28, 2009

The Charges Against Brendon O'Connell Are Themselves Violations of the Statute Under Which They Are Made

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When the State asserts without proof that the Jews are a race and not a religion, the assertion itself proves that the State and the Jews are racist; in that they seek to prevent and bar by law and common understanding the admission of any Gentile into the class of person identified as the "Jews", or the "chosen people", or as members of the Jewish religion. These facts place the prosecution on the twin horns of a dilemma, because the charges themselves prove the correctness of O'Connell's alleged statements and should the State abandon its racist position and admit that the Jews are not a race, then there is no possibility of an offense of "racial vilification" of Jews ever having occurred.

Therefore, O'Connell is of necessity innocent and it is the prosecution and its Jewish supporters who are guilty of "racial vilification" of both Gentiles and Jews. Anyone, including but not limited to the Jews, the prosecution or any judge who determines that the Jews are a race and not a religion echoes the racist beliefs and racist laws of the Nazi regime. The racially discriminatory determination that the Jews are a race and not a religion prevents Gentiles from becoming Jews and a member of the "chosen people" and is therefore an act of racist discrimination against Gentiles which bars them from the free exercise of their religious right to become religious Jews. This also violates the equal protection clause, in that it arbitrarily creates two classes of persons based upon presumed and false racial distinctions, one class of which enjoys the right to practice the Jewish faith and one of which is barred by the State from entering that faith and people. Said racist determination also subjects any, including former Gentiles, to the determination that their entrance into a religious belief system has rendered them racially distinct from other human beings, a determination which is false and discriminatory in that it, among other things, denies their human right to their heritage and artificially and arbitrarily categorizes such persons as different from other human beings on a genetic level when such distinction does NOT exist in scientific or actual fact, but rather is made as part of a racist and discriminatory policy to separate and segregate Jews and non-Jews.

O'Connell is innocent, but those who accuse him are themselves guilty of the very offense they level at O'Connell by virtue of their accusations which dub the Jews a race.