Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Prosecution of Brendon O'Connell Must End

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



There should be pretrial motions to the dismiss the indictment against Brendon O'Connell on the grounds that the Statute under which the prosecution is brought, and is proceeding, is illegal, void and unenforceable; in that it violates Brendon O'Connell's fundamental constitutional and human rights of free speech, equal protection of the laws, self defense and freedom to engage in normal conduct intended for the public good.

There should be a pretrial motion to dismiss the complaint against Brendon O'Connell on the grounds that it fails to allege that an offense has been committed; in that the complaining allegation has no substance because it depends upon the false assertion that the Jews are a race so as to spuriously allege one of the elements of the offense. Therefore the complaint fails to allege a required element of the offense in fact, and is devoid of any sensible allegation that an offense has occurred, leaving the defendant without any means of preparing a defense to a charge which fails to allege that a crime has occurred.

The prosecution must end at the earliest possible date so as to terminate the illegal harassment and persecution of Brendon O'Connell. In the public interest, the prosecution must end at the earliest possible date so as to lift the chilling cloud it is having on public discourse.

Any denial of such motions should be immediately and directly appealable to the highest court, in that there is a strong and compelling public interest in the free and open public discussion of an enemy attack upon the nation, and the illegal prosecution of Brendon O'Connell is having, and is intended to have, a chilling effect on that discussion.