Monday, December 28, 2009

Why Has Not Daryl Bradford Smith Named the Names of the Alleged Mossad Agents He Knows?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Daryl Bradford Smith has repeatedly called for the formation of public lists of Zionists. Why has he not started such a list himself and named the Mossad agents he has allegedly identified? Why would Daryl Bradford Smith refuse to cooperate with an investigation into these alleged Mossad agents? Why would Daryl Bradford Smith telephone Eric Hufschmid in August of 2009, whom he has accused of Svengali'ing him, and whom he has called a Zionist Jew? How could Smith arrive at the conclusion that his dear and close friend, a Jewess who served as his patron by his accounts, has nothing to do with the Zionist network when he believes that her brothers are Mossad? Was it not incumbent upon Smith to disclose the fact that he believes her brothers are Mossad when seeking to shield her, and was it not, and is it not, incumbent upon Smith to publicly identify Mossad agents and name names?

"Ognir" made a cop out when I asked him to ask "Muhammad Rafeeq" for his birth name with the pathetic excuse that he lacked "Rafiq's" email address. Noel Ryan then spoke directly to "Rafeeq" on several occasion but did not ask for his birth name. Now that I have begun to hone in on "Muhammad Rafeeq's" birth name, "Ognir" claims that he will finally ask for it from "Rafiq" or is it "Paul" something or other, which "Ognir" now concedes is correct, though he previously attempted to vilify me for raising the issue. Funny how names change with Daryl Bradford Smith & Co. "Ognir" is itself an inversion of "Ringo".

Daryl Bradford Smith pretended that I had no reason to question whether or not "Muhammad Rafeeq" was ever known by any other name, or whether or not he had Jewish blood, studied Cabalah as a practitioner and had Jewish bankers in his family, but it was Smith who first told me of these things, and Smith is only now revealing to "Ognir" that "Muhammad Rafeeq" has had other names, if "Ognir's" accounts are true.

"Muhammad Rafeeq" also pretended that I had no right to inquire of other names he has had. Why did "Rafiq" not immediately tell us any and all other names he has had?

Why did these characters try to vilify me for asking these questions and for pointing out that "Rafeeq's" article falsely claiming that Bernard Madoff is innocent was and is bunk on its face, and why did they pretend that I was in some way challenging "Rafeeq" to draw attention away from his transparently bogus conclusions, when "Rafeeq" knew that I had posed those same questions to him long before he had written his garbage article apologizing for confessed criminal Bernard Madoff? Why has not "Rafiq" since apologized to me and thanked me for pointing out that his article was nonsense on its face, which fact can no longer be denied even by a sophist so talented and practiced as he.

Will Smith now tell his audience everything he told me years ago about "Muhammad Rafeeq", or will Smith continue to try to vilify me with falsehoods for exposing the truth he doesn't want known?