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How to Spot a Jewish Political Philosophy by Means of Its Personality

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jewish politics features two distinguishing characteristics: The "cult of personality" which substitutes emotion for reason and follows the Jewish messiah model, and the concept of the State as Volk (People) which enables destructive Jewish dogmatism to stand against the People's instincts of self-preservation and which promotes the illusion of the divine right of the pop star messiah to rule.

The Jews love to advertise. They promote themselves as if superior and noble. They exclusively promote Jewish interests. They exclude all dissenting voices and never praise the Goy unless doing so creates an even greater love of the Jew.

In a normal, healthy human society, the State is a mere organ of the entire body which is the Volk, one of many separate and distinct organs which keep the body of the Volk alive and productive. The brain reasons and reacts, the heart pumps blood, the intestines digest food, the muscles contract and relax, etc. but never in a healthy society does the State presume to be the entire body, and the Volk a mere organ of the body of the State.

However, you can detect a Jewish political philosophy by its personality. The Jews promote the myth that the State is the supreme body and greater than the Volk who are a mere organ which exists to serve it and the other organs of the State, because the State is the Jews. In a Jewish dominated society, the Volk are a mere subservient organ serving the Jewish body, the State.

In a Jewish system of governance, the State controls not only the organ of the Volk, but also creates new categories of citizens through charter, law and convention, which also serve the State as organs of the body of the Jewish People. The Jewish State converts abstractions into persons who work for the interest of the Jews, the State. Money, land, debt, corporations, stocks, bonds, contracts, treaties, religion, education, media, press, etc. become organs of even greater importance to the body of the State than the Volk itself. The Volk is sacrificed to the interests of these other bodily functions. The People are sacrificed to the Jews.

The State under the Jews is an abstract inorganic body of greater proportions than reality. It is a dogma which cannot be challenged, a mind set of slavery, the deliberate destruction of the Volk.

In the healthy, normal society the POWER PARTY seeks to build, the State will not be greater than the People, but will instead be a minor organ serving the other healthy and fully functional organic tissues of society which are made up of families. The State will not consider the business sector of society to be its function, nor will it arbitrarily define education, nor religion, nor family, nor any of the other parts of the body of the Volk which function best as interdependent structures, not submissive structures serving a Jewish abstraction which is held to be greater than the People itself. The abstract will not through illusion and sophistry become real and meta-human, nor will mandated chimeras or occult principles throw shackles on the human being or his mind.

Thomas Paine declared, "That government is best which governs least." This discounts the fact that the private sector often obtains powers equal to or greater than the government. We need to view society as an organic whole and not succumb to the illusions of words which blur the reality of the mechanisms of society, power and control. We need systems which benefit and serve the Volk. Official government is but one part, and it is usually the Jews who want us to pretend that government is of its nature a beneficent and infallible body that should rule over the Volk rather than serve us, or, alternatively, that government is the enemy of the Volk.

The Jews often promote rule by personality cult, be it absolute monarchy or other forms of dictatorship. Only rarely do truly good absolute leaders appear, and it is even rarer that a succession of good leaders emerges and resists corruption. It is better to have several functioning organs of society serving the interests of the Volk than to have the Volk become a collective slave of a dictator. The brain of a healthy body contains many regions which serve different functions. Many brains working together are needed to regulate a society. Dictators tend to rule through fear and war, rather than serving the organic interests of the Volk. The Jews even attempt to blur and obliterate the separate organs of society and combine all power unto themselves with the myth of the dictatorship of the proletariat, which is of course in practice the dictatorship of the Jews, free reign of the parasite to eat away the healthy organs of the Volk. Alternatively, the Jews make everything of value abstract through currency, which enables them to practice usury and seize the assets and public debate of the Volk, thereby once again subsuming the Volk with an absolute, abstract and inorganic State which serves as a front for Jewish dominance.

The Jews always engage in the process of rendering that which is real, abstract, so that everything of value to the People, including their own lives, are open to the market and can be stolen by the Jews through corrupt means. We can build better systems than those of the Jews. We can safeguard ourselves from Jewish influence by learning to recognize its trademark features and shun them.

We must empower the People without allowing money manipulation to enable a hostile minority to define the mind of the common man. This is one area in which the Party itself will serve a greater function than the State it defines.

Primary Reasons for Obama's Approach to the Middle East

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Obama is working for the Jews to achieve an Arab and Turkish alliance with Israel against Iran and the Kurds, to reelect Ahmadinejad, and to generate unease in Israel which will increase domestic support for an Israeli attack on Iran.

Jewish leaders want to up domestic support for an Israeli attack on Iran, so they have instructed Obama to cater to Arab leaders and to court Palestinians. This accomplishes two things at the same time for Jewish leaders. It increases anxiety in Israel that Iran will continue its nuclear program without a threat of American attack, because Obama is deliberately appearing to be softer on Iran than was Bush. It wins the Arabs as allies of the Israelis for an Israeli attack on Iran.

The Jews are lying and promising Arab leaders that if they help to destroy the Iranians on the premise that Iranians are a threat to Arabs, then the Jews will grant the Palestinians a semi-autonomous State. In order to give the appearance that this is about to happen, Jewish leaders must have the Jews in Israel anxious that their best option is to talk as if a Palestinian State is imminent, on the pretext that it will help maintain the racial integrity of the Jews, and that it will win Arab support for an attack on Iran. Therefore, the Jews of Israel must be made anxious that the US is starting to look after its own interests and is just beginning to recognize the injustice and inhumanity of the Jewish genocide of the Palestinians.

Jewish leaders accomplish this goal with Obama's lectures to the Muslims. This also gives the Arab street false hope that a Palestinian State is soon to arrive, and that the Jewish grip on American politicians is loosening. In turn, this allows traitorous Arab leaders to plan for an attack on Iran in collaboration with Israel.

By talking peace with Arabs, Obama is instead deliberately leading them into unnecessary and self-destructive war. By challenging Israel's hegemony over the Palestinians, Obama is tricking the Palestinians into surrendering their fate entirely to the lying Jews and making the Palestinians the allies of the Israelis in their own demise and the destruction of Islam.

The Jews want to see Ahmadinejad reelected, so they are instructing Obama to make it appear that Ahmadinejad has succeeded in changing the Jewish controlled American attitude and posture towards Iran, and thereby garner support for Ahmadinejad. Note that the Jewish controlled media is not talking up the benefits of an Ahmadinejad loss to the extent they would if they actually wanted him to lose. The Jews are the aggressors against Iran and they want a pretext to attack. Ahmadinejad affords them that opportunity, at least with the Israeli public. It is Israel which seeks to attack Iran, not Iran which seeks to attack Israel.

So do not be mislead by Obama's games. The American public is not eager to attack Iran, so the Jews are making the Israelis and Arabs rabid with hate towards the Persians, and fearful the Americans will do nothing to kill the bogey man. Wait to see what happens after the election in Iran. I suspect Obama will rediscover Israel and suddenly come the conclusion that Iran must be stopped at all costs. Why else would the Jews' puppet in North Korea begin to tap dance at this time, if not to provide a pretext for the Jewish controlled media and Jewish controlled politicians to gin up hatred towards Iran and Pakistan?

Note that Obama's lies have the opposite impact they appear to have. Whereas Obama makes it appear that he is appeasing the Arabs and working towards peace with Iran, he is in fact creating the conditions the Jews need to exterminate the Palestinians and attack Iran. Whereas Obama makes it appear that he is moving away from the Israelis, he is instead deliberately conditioning them for a domestic attack on Iran which will of course be supported by an American and Arab alliance. Whereas Obama makes it appear that he is working towards peace with Iran, he is in fact creating the needed conditions for an aggressive attack on Iran.

Obama is a genocidal liar, working for the Jews to destroy America and to bring the World into war.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Games Being Played and the Players Playing Them: A "Two-State Solution" = War on Iran and the "Final Solution of the Palestinian Problem"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Obama, Ahmadinejad, Erdogan, Sarkozy, Brown, Merkel, Medvedev, Netanyahu, Avigdor Lieberman and the full cast of Jewish puppet leaders and Jews are playing a clever game with the Arab street, the Israeli public, the American public and the Iranian public.

Obama, Clinton and others are talking about forming a Palestinian State, should the Palestinians surrender their birthright to Jewry. Lieberman of Israel is attempting to convince the Israelis that the expulsion of Arab Israelis from the Jewish State coupled to the loss of some unimportant Israeli stolen territory and the formation of a Palestinian State is good for the Jews, because it will ensure the demographic integrity of the racist Jewish State as a Jewish State.

At the same time, Netanyahu is relatively quiet, given his nature, but holds the stick against the idea of a Palestinian State, and is serving as the man who must be convinced through concessions to his agenda.

All these "leaders" have one goal in mind, and it is NOT the formation of a Palestinian State, but rather war on Iran. The Palestinians, as usual, are simply the bait.

The Jews, who own Arab leadership, are trying to convince the Arab street that if the Arabs ally with the Jews against the Persians, the Jews will give the Palestinians a country of their own and thereby stabilize the region. I have been detailing this plan for years and have repeatedly proven its existence with direct quotations from Israeli and Arab leaders.

The Palestinians will NOT obtain a nation from this treachery against fellow Muslims. Rather, in the chaos of a war between Arabs and Persians at the behest of the Jews, which will escalate into World War Three, the Jews will exterminate the Palestinians, just as the Torah and the 613 Mitzvot of Judaism command them to do. As the Arab street learns that it has been betrayed by its leadership, the Arab governments will be overthrown and Arab countries will become increasingly weakened. Egypt will suffer terrible famine and tens of millions will die. Israel will grow into the Sinai and take over the territory up to and perhaps past the Nile. Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon will fall to the Jews as territories needed to secure the borders of the Jewish State, and no one around the World will care as they face their own horrific problems and as their governments fall to pieces.

The proposed "Two-State Solution" in exchange for Arab cooperation with Jewry against Iran game is the Jews' final solution to the Palestinian problem, extermination. The fact that Ahmadinejad does not come out and expose this treachery against Islam is further proof of his, and his superiors in Iran's, complicity with the Jews.

What is needed, and what the Muslim religion has always provided for, is Islamic unity in the face of Jewish aggression. The issue should be the continued flow of oil, not a war on Iran, in exchange for the recognition of Palestinian sovereignty over their ancestral homelands. The Muslim World has tremendous leverage at this time over the failing economies of the West. The Muslims should use this leverage to demand, instead of begging for and cooperating with the enemy as if a basis for, Palestinian liberation from the yoke of genocidal Jewry.

The American People will not support, and cannot afford, more naked aggression against Islam, and is everyday growing increasingly disgusted with Jewry. Instead of groveling, the Muslims have the opportunity to take control over their own fate. This is why the Jews are forced to play games and pretend that Obama and their other puppets are concerned for justice for the Palestinians. It is in reality a trap meant to bring war and devastation to all Islam, including the Palestinians. Recall that these venomous snakes did nothing to rescue the Palestinians as the Jews invaded Gaza, to know their true intentions and loyalties.

The Jews must advance their pieces on the board one move at a time, but the oil of the Middle East can easily checkmate them, which is why their war on Russia has not yet turned more aggressive, as it will in the near future. If the Muslims united to leverage the West with the flow of oil, at this time when the withdrawal of oil from the market would quickly collapse the West, they could insist upon, rather than begging for, Palestinian sovereignty. The Muslims could easily control the board.

If the Muslims wait until the Jews lead the Arabs in an attack on Iran, it will then be the Muslims through their internal conflicts who cut off the oil, not the Jews through their apartheid racism, and the World will blame Islam, not Jewry, for the crisis, and the American People will then support nuclear war on Islam as the only cost effective means to wage war in an economic collapse. Remember that America is the only nation to have waged nuclear war and that we not only have the stomach for it, we have already done it, and our pundits regularly publicly call for a nuclear attack whenever hostilities arise. "Turn the nation into a sheet of glass" falls off the lips of Americans as easily as "blitz and sack the quarterback". Vietnam came very close to nuclear annihilation not so very long ago.

Of course, the Muslim World must also wage a propaganda war to counter the Jews. When has an Arab government, which governments are now lining up to genocide fellow Muslims in Iran on behalf of the Jews, ever produced documentaries for Western consumption which exposed the plight of the Palestinians and which exposed the genocidal attacks of the Israelis? Would it not be easier to produce an information campaign to favor Palestinian interests, than to go to war against fellow Muslims on the Jewish promise that they will then cease to genocide Muslims? After all the ignored UN Resolutions and broken promises of the Jews, are you now going to trust the Israelis and their puppets around the globe just because they speak of a Palestinian State? Do you not realize that this talk is merely their means of ensuring that there will never be a Palestinian State? Why do you let your sworn and ancient enemies dictate your actions which work against your own best interests?

First unite. Then tell the West that the injustice and genocide the Jews are perpetrating against the Palestinians is a crime against the human race which cannot be tolerated. Then cut off the oil for a week. Then negotiate for a Palestinian State, if that is your goal. The Palestinian State, however, already exists and is occupied by an illegal aggressor, the Jews. They have been expelled in the past and can be expelled again, but not if you act stupidly and allow them to make demands on you.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Muslims Beware Obama's Lies

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Barack Obama is a pathological liar. Barack Obama is a puppet of the Jews. The bankers put Obama in power, and Obama has stolen trillions of dollars and given them to the Jews. He likes to betray people who foolishly believe his Jewish lies.

When Obama, like both Presidents Bush before him, states that he is not at war with Islam, he, on behalf of the Jews, is seeking to pit Muslims against Muslims. Americans did not declare war against all Koreans, or all Vietnamese, rather, at the behest of the Jews, Americans slaughtered Koreans and Vietnamese in the name of defending Koreans and Vietnamese.

Obama is indeed waging war on Islam, by seeking an alliance of Sunni Arabs and Turks with the Israelis and Americans, against all Shia and the Kurds. Obama wants to side with the Arabs who wage war on Shia, just as Americans installed and sided with Saddam against the Persians, but as with Saddam, the Jewish goal is for Muslims to murder as many fellow Muslims as possible. And just as with Saddam, once the Jews have used the Persians and Kurds to weaken the Arabs and the Turks, and the Arabs and Turks to weaken the Persians and Kurds, the Jews will then aim American and European guns on Arabs and Turks, as well as Persians, Kurds, Pakistanis, Indonesians, etc.

So, be advised Muslims, Obama is lying to you, just as he lied to Christian Armenians when he promised to recognize the Jewish genocide of Armenian Christians. Obama is, at the behest of the Jews, out to destroy you all by first enabling and encouraging you to destroy one another.

If you think America and Israel will be faithful allies of the Arabs and create a viable Palestinian State if the Arabs help the Jews to destroy the Persians, remember how the Americans, at the behest of the Jews, set up Saddam and the Iraqis to then knock them down.

Joseph Goebbels and Carl von Clausewitz: Total War, Absolute War and Real War

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

On the 18th day of February, 1943, Joseph Goebbels called upon the German People to wage "total war" upon the enemies of the Reich, in particular upon the Jewish Bolsheviks who were waging war on the World. Goebbels notes in his speech that the English had accused the Germans of acting just as the Bolsheviks acted by waging total war, thereby leaving no difference between the two. Goebbels responded that the difference lay in the outcome. Goebbels famously stated,

"Ich frage euch: Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg? Wollt ihr ihn, wenn nötig, totaler und radikaler, als wir ihn uns heute überhaupt erst vorstellen können?"

You can watch Goebbels make this statement at about 2 minutes 25 seconds into the following YouTube video:

Joseph Goebbels - The total War

Scroll down the webpage at this site for Joseph Goebbels' full speech in English translation Nation, Rise Up, and Let the Storm Break Loose which translates the German as,

"I ask you: Do you want total war? If necessary, do you want a war more total and radical than anything that we can even imagine today?"

By "total war", Goebbels meant that the Germans and all the nations the Germans controlled should devote their full resources and efforts to waging war. Prior to Goebbels, Carl von Clausewitz had proposed the idealized notion of "absolute war" and opposed it to "real war". By "absolute war", Clausewitz meant a campaign to eradicate the enemy. By "real war", Clausewitz meant a war to defang the enemy such that it no longer poses any threat.

We need a total and absolute war on the Jewish People, because the Jewish People have been waging a total and absolute war on the human race for at least 2,500 years. The declaration of the Jewish total and absolute war on humanity appears for all to read in the Torah, and Rabbis to this day lament that the Jews fail to live up to the standards of inhumanity iterated in the Torah for the treatment of non-Jews. Moses demanded that his people murder men, women, children and animals. Joshua also demanded total and absolute war on the Goyim, as did the Jewish god of the Torah, who can more correctly be described as the Devil.

And the Jews oblige their Devil. From the Maccabbees to the Bolsheviks, the Jews have continued the Torah tradition of committing genocide against the Goyim. Like the Torah, the Jewish Cabalah calls for the Jews to destroy all the nations and exterminate the human race by all means, including deception. The Mossad's credo of war by deception is straight out of the Cabalah. The Torah itself is a deception, being a limited written statement of Jewish intent, the full version having been left an oral tradition so as to prevent its falling into Goy hands and serving as evidence for "anti-Semitism". The more the Jews put to writing in the Talmud and the increasingly murderous incarnations of the Cabalah, the clearer the Jewish plan to kill us all became, and the Torah tales of genocide could no longer be doubted as the product of a Jewish plan to destroy all human life and replace it with Jewish death.

Do not make the mistake of doubting that the Jewish People are engaged in a war against us because not every Jew is involved in this total war against us, this absolute war to exterminate us. Not every German participated in Goebbels' total war, either, but it was nevertheless express NSDAP policy, just as it is expressly Jewish policy to engage in total war on mankind. The Jews, in their fundamental and foundational documents, call upon every Jew to use his full powers to destroy his Gentile neighbors.

The Jews propagandize against the peoples and nations they seek to destroy, and simplistically build an image of an absolute enemy, just as their devilish god does with the mythology of the absolutely evil Canaanites and Amalekites, whom the Jewish god commands the Jews to completely kill off down to the last man, woman and child; which commandment remains Halakha in the works of Maimonides and the subsequent 613 Jewish Mitzvot that Jews follow today. Do not expect the Jews as individuals to live up to the myth of an absolute, completely evil enemy which they project upon us as individuals. This is Jewish fantasy which will not be met in reality.

The Europeans had a more noble concept of war than the Jews. Europeans did not believe that the societies against which they fought were composed of animals whose souls had been infected with the blood of Satan in the Garden of Eden, which is what Jews believe. Europeans once allowed their armies to line up and fight battles as competitors in a way Jews could not conceive. Not every Jew is going to fulfill the expectation of a Jewish style myth of an absolute evil enemy, but this does not mean that the Jewish People are not engaged in an absolute and total war against us. Nor does it mean that we are deprived of our right to fight back against the Jewish People, who as a people are waging aggressive war on us.

Just as the American People are not each fighting and killing Iraqis, America nevertheless is waging war on Iraq, and for Iraq to bring this war to a halt, it would have to destroy the American People, even though not every American is directly fighting against Iraq, nor has even the slightest animus towards Iraqis. In like fashion, the Jewish total and absolute war against us compels us to wage total and absolute war on Jewry. It is not our choice, but theirs. It does not result from aggression on our part, but from Jewish aggression. We must defend ourselves in the only we can, for if Jewry is left behind, Jewry will continue to war on humanity. Their war of extermination on us is their raison d'etre.

It is not necessary to believe that every Jew is actively warring on us for us to fight back against the Jewish People as a people which is waging war on us. Since the Jews are engaged in an active campaign to destroy us, our war must shut them down completely and we must devote all of our available efforts towards achieving this end as soon as possible so that we can save humanity from the Jewish campaign to destroy it. If in order for us to defend ourselves from an aggressive nation or people, we would first have to prove that each individual member of that nation or people were devoting his full efforts to warring against us, we would never be able to defend ourselves from any aggressive attack. It is enough that Jewry has openly declared war on us for 2,500 years and is openly attacking us for us to be justified in our defensive war against the Jews. Nothing more need be proven.

The Jews as a people and as a nation are attacking us. We are not only justified, but obliged, to fight back and destroy the Jews as a people and as a nation. That means we must wage total and absolute war on the Jews in response to their aggressive total and absolute war on us. We must do so through our government by issuing a Congressional declaration of war on Jewry and then employ our military to destroy the aggressive enemy.

The only way we can achieve this needed measure is to elect officials who represent us and our interests. We need candidates and political organization. It is our job to do and no one else can or will do it for us.

In the News:

Popular Rabbi’s Comments on Treatment of Arabs Show a Different Side of Chabad

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Addendum to My Blog: "The Jewish Year 6000 as Manifest in the Media"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In my blog "The Jewish Year 6000 as Manifest in the Media" I referred to the ABC production, which can be viewed here:

Earth 2100

I would like to call attention to some of the persons involved in that production, including John Podesta, who, like Rahm Emanuel, was White House Chief of Staff and who heads the Center for American Progress, and who was co-chairman of the Obama-Biden Transition Project. The annotated transcript of "Earth 2100" states,


And until we have a crisis of some kind, I don't think we're going to be motivated to wake up and say, "Okay, now we have to change."


President, Center for American Progress

Sometimes it takes a big shock to get people, you know, out of the inertia that's built into the system."

I am reminded that Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in his book The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives, Basic Books, New York, (1997), pp. 24-25,

"The attitude of the American public toward the external projection of American power has been much more ambivalent. The public supported America's engagement in World War II largely because of the shock effect of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor."

Project for the New American Century published a report entitled Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century, Project for the New American Century, Washington, D.C., (September, 2000); which states on page 51,

"Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event—like a new Pearl Harbor."

Another famous personality appearing in "Earth 2100" is Robert James Woolsey Jr. former Director of Central Intelligence and head of the Central Intelligence Agency. We also find "Former CIA Scenario Designer" Stanley Feder, Thomas Friedman a prominent Jewish supporter of Israel, Alan Weisman author of The World Without Us, Jared Diamond author of Collapse, Elizabeth Economy
Director for Asia Studies, Council on Foreign Relations, Peter Gleick President, Pacific Institute, and numerous other representatives of think tanks and policy formation institutes. These individuals and their contributions to "Earth 2100" can be found in the annotated transcripts here:

Act 1

Acts 2 to 6

Acts 7 to 12

The Irony of "Planned Obsolescence" and the American Automobile Industry

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

American auto manufactures have long been accused of incorporating "planned obsolescence" into the cars they produced, forcing the consumer to repair or replace their vehicles in unnecessarily short intervals. The Jews long ago planned the obsolescence of American industry, itself.

That Jew who so inspires Ron Paul and like-minded dolts, Ayn Rand, born Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum, foreshadowed the planned and coordinated Jewish attack on American industry in her propaganda book Atlas Shrugged. The Jews deliberately destroyed British industry long ago, and have refined the art to a true science.

But the Jews have not yet destroyed or stolen away all of our territory, or our natural resources, or our minds, though Jews like "Rand" have corrupted many minds, and the Jews have polluted our waters, our air and wasted much that is ours by birthright. The Jews want us to pawn off what remains of our American inheritance to their top usurers, hawk it to the Chinese for a little more fun, and otherwise steal from us what is ours. As Rand openly stated, the Jews want to loan us gold which does not exist, and expose and surrender everything that is forever ours to the open Jewish market where that which is priceless is exchanged for the abstract value of paper and gold credits loaned to us at interest, the vigorish to be paid in our blood and with our childrens' souls and futures.

It is sickening to watch the Jews in the media try to conceal their overwhelming joy at the demise of America. They love to ridicule General Motors, and with it all the Goyim.

The Jews did indeed plan the obsolescence of America long ago. They stole our wealth as we built ourselves up, and now they use their media to place politicians into office who knock us down. The Jews do this to every nation they infest. The more the nations bless the Jews, the more hateful the racist and segregationist Jews become. The self-destructive generosity of the Goyim disgusts the Jews and causes them to revile the host with ever worsening bloodlust, the fatter the cow, the fitter for kosher slaughter. The dumber the cow, the easier the kill.

America is falling fast and with it the World is dying. Americans have done nothing to dethrone the Jewish puppet Barack Obama, who was placed in power by the Jewish bankers, and then abused his office to steal trillions of our dollars and hand them over to the Jewish bankers. We should be demanding that the Congress impeach Obama, and we should be running candidates who pledge to do so.

When the strangled cow ceases to give milk, the Jews slice its throat and bleed it dry, then hack it apart until even salt cannot withdraw more of its life's blood. That is Jewish kindness to the animal kingdom. Welcome to your fate for blessing the Jews, America. They are aiming for one clean cut across your veins and arteries to finish you off, and their rusty razor, stained by the blood of a thousand nations which fell before you, is at your throat. You could at least try to kick a little, or do you lack even the will to survive of a confused and dying cow?

America needs the POWER PARTY, and the POWER PARTY needs you. The ancient Jewish war on humanity is raging against us. We must fight back. There is no other option but a COWardly and confused death.

The Jewish Year 6000 as Manifest in the Media

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have witnessed an alarming trend in the media to push the idea that human beings have outlived their welcome on planet Earth, and that the Earth will benefit from a long period of rest, much like the Sabbath millennium described in the Talmud. The History Channel has produced the following series:

Life After People

and ABC just aired:

Earth 2100

I ask you to please watch my video The Jewish Year 6000 and consider its import in light of these mainstream productions:

The Jewish Year 6000