Friday, January 08, 2010

Daryl Bradford Smith's Bogus Apologetics for Confessed and Convicted Criminal Bernard Madoff Continue

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Instead of explaining why he called Eric Hufschmid on the telephone as recently as August of 2009 asking for his help, though Smith/Setters claims that Hufschmid is a Zionist Jew--instead of telling us the names of the alleged Mossad agents whose sister was his patron--Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters continues to try to exonerate Jewish financier and fraudster Bernard Madoff, which action has the effect of lessening the blow to the reputation of the Jews of having produced the worst convicted thief in human history. Smith/Setters grossly misrepresents the facts and falsely claimed at this late date that the first accusations against Madoff were made by him when he confessed to his sons. Smith/Setters' claim is demonstrably bogus.

It is well known that several investigations of Madoff's activities took place and several accusations against him were made dating back at least to 1999. It is only government corruption and/or ineptitude which kept the Madoff scheme afloat and no serious commentator would contend today that Madoff is innocent.

Smith/Setters claims that his motivation for attempting to exonerate Madoff has always been to spare the American taxpayer of liability for Madoff's debts. If this were true, then why did not Smith/Setters call for the repeal of the laws which render the taxpayer liable for Madoff's debts, instead of making excuses for the worst convicted thief in human history, who just so happens to be a Jewish financier? Is Smith/Setters interested in cushioning the blow to the Jews, or sparing the taxpayer?

Smith/Setters has stated that he intends to interview Kay Griggs. Perhaps he can ask her about her Jewish roots and explore her family's old connections to Freemasonry. See my blog article:

On the "Credibility" of Daryl Bradford Smith, February 08, 2009