Sunday, January 03, 2010

David "Musa" Pidcock's Views on Iran, Gaza and the Endtimes

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In an interview with Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters, David "Musa" Pidcock laid the blame for the economic hardships Iranians and Gazans face squarely on the shoulders of their leadership, without also concurrently blaming the Israelis, World Jewry and the International Community for the sanctions they have placed on the Iranians and Gazan Palestinians. David "Musa" Pidcock also criticized Donald Rumsfeld and George Bush for employing Bible prophecy in their decision making, but not because such a practice is insane, but rather because Pidcock would prefer that they adopt his version of Muslim prophecy, which coincidentally coincides with the horrific and genocidal Endtimes the Jews are trying to artificially impose upon us. Pidcock wants us to believe that Europeans are "Gog and Magog" and that now is the time for the arrival of the Messiah and the Battle of Armageddon.

I do not see how Pidcock's pushing his religious apocalyptic views on World leaders differs in a positive way from Donald Rumsfeld and George Bush's views and practices. Perhaps Pidcock can explain what appears prima fascie as two sides of the same coin both pushing the same mutually destructive agenda on Christians and Muslims. Perhaps "Musa" can also tell us the names of any non-convert founders of his Islamic party in Britain and what, if any, connections his ancestors had to the Rothschild banking family.

I agree with "Musa" that Iranian and Gazan leaders share in the blame with the Jews for the woes of the Iranian and Palestinian Peoples, but we sharply differ on the role the Jews have played in the suffering of these Peoples. I think the Lion of Judah's share of the blame is more accurately placed on Jewry, than on subverted leaders. If Iran were to adopt a 0% interest rate on loans when inflation is much higher than that, they would be giving away money and fueling inflation while losing money on the loans. Either the government would have to make the loans, or the economy would collapse because no private party or bank would lose money by making such loans. When inflation is 34% it is not usurious to charge 35% interest on a loan. If the sanctions and other economic pressures were lifted against Iran, then inflation would be likely to fall and Pidcock should be calling for the lifting of sanctions and other economic pressures when addressing interest rates in Iran or Gaza.