Monday, January 04, 2010

Does David "Musa" Pidcock Follow the Koran or the Talmud in His Reasoning?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

David "Musa" Pidcock has likened a proven liar to the family of the Messiah, and declared that legitimate critics of that liar are under the influence of the anti-Christ. Not only is his world-view fanatically religious, it represents the attitudes of the Talmud rather than Islam.

What is satanic or sadistic about asking a man his name? Who other than a crypto-Jew would view the asking of a man's birth name to be the actions of the anti-Messiah, that Jewish Messiah who will supposedly kill off the Goyim? I cannot imagine that the Koran raises objections to questioning a Jewish banker straight out of the "City of London" about his ridiculous apology for Bernard Madoff, or his frantic assertions that an old mockumentary declaring that the moonlandings were a hoax is a new authentic revelation proving that the moonlandings were a hoax--Pidcock's messiah is terribly fallible. Why would David "Musa" Pidcock go so far as to call such actions "sadistic" and part of the forces of anti-Christ, if indeed that is what Pidcock would have us believe?

Why would David "Musa" Pidcock want to sentence Europeans to death by stigmatizing them as if "Gog and Magog" and concurrently state that the Endtimes are upon us? How is David "Musa" Pidcock any different in a positive way from the Christian Zionists who would sentence Muslims and Russians to death by declaring that they are "Gog and Magog" while concurrently claiming that the Endtimes are upon us? Do not both provocations produce the same end result, an apocalyptic war between Muslims and Christians?

How does David "Musa" Pidcock differ from the likes of an Armin Vambery in a positive way and why do Muslim leaders lend him their ears? I do not know, and eagerly await "Musa's" explanation.