Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Esther ("that which is hidden" aka Ishtar), Judith ("Jewess") and the Mirror and Smear Crew

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



The Jews have been ensnaring the Goyim with the charms of their treacherous women for thousands of years. The Jews have devoted entire books of their religious mythology to telling tales of how they send beautiful women among the Gentiles in order to subvert their nations.

Ishtar was a Babylonian goddess, a prostitute who smote her lovers after enticing them with sex, the ultimate blackwidow. The Jews corrupted her legend with their mythology of the crypto-Jewess Hadassah who used the pseudonym "Esther" ("that which is hidden"). In the story, "Esther"/Ishtar seduced the mythological King Ahasuerus and wormed her way into power by marrying him. She then committed genocide against the mythological "Amalekites" by claiming that they were out to destroy the Jews. The Jews celebrate this legendary genocide every year on their favorite holiday, the gruesome festival of Purim, thereby ingraining the story and the practice in the psyche of every Jew. Chabad.org publishes the entire text of the Book of Esther, together with Rashi's commentary, here:


The Jews also tell a mythological story of the crypto-Jewess "Judith". So ubiqutous is the practice of subverting the Goyim with attractive Jewish women, that the Jews name their treacherous heroine literally "Jewess", the proper translation of "Judith". In its article, "Judith, book of", The Catholic Encyclopedia states, among other things,

"Nabuchodonosor, King of Nineveh, sends his general Holofernes to subdue the Jews. The latter besieges them in Bethulia, a city on the southern verge of the Plain of Esdrelon. Achior, the Ammonite, who speaks in defense of the Jews, is maltreated by him and sent into the besieged city to await his punishment when Holofernes shall have taken it. Famine undermines the courage of the besieged and they contemplate surrender, but Judith, a widow, upbraids them and says that she will deliver the city. She goes into the camp of the Assyrians and captivates Holofernes by her beauty, and finally takes advantage of the general's intoxication to cut off his head. She returns inviolate to the city with his head as a trophy, and a sally on the part of the Jews results in the rout of the Assyrians. The book closes with a hymn to the Almighty by Judith to celebrate her victory."

Cristofano Allori painted a telling portrait of his vision of the "Jewess":


I seem to recall that Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters was once pushing a young blond Jewish woman, what was her name? It seems history is repeating itself all over again over at Daryl Bradford Smith & Co.

In an amazing "coincidence", the mirror and smear crew parroted my insights on foxes and breeding pressures on Jews:

The World's Worst Were and Are Jews, March 19, 2009

They are again pushing foxes of a more kosher variety.

In another amazing "coincidence", they also parrot what I wrote about Ezra Pound, on a tip from a reader of this blog who noticed similarities between Pound's work and my POWER PARTY platform:

Ezra Pound, Eustace Mullins and the Byzantine Empire, December 25, 2008

While at the same time promoting kosher foxes.

Has Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters met my challenges to him and his friend "Musa"? Has Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters publicly discussed his Mossad buddies and told us their names (by the way, Daryl also told me years ago and stone cold sober that the alleged Mossad agents were brothers of his patron Jewess)? Has Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters told us the real name of his friend "Rupert the Bear 'Mohammad Rafiq'"? Why is Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters so camera shy? And what of his friend "Ognir"? Or is it "Ringo"? Or is it Noel Ryan? Are there any unobscured photographs on the web of Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters, or Noel Ryan, or what's his real name "Rafeeq"? If so, where? If not, why not?