Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heads Up, Armenians! The Mirror and Smear Operation at "The French Connection"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Two of the tell tale hallmarks of a Cointell-Pro style intelligence operation is that the operatives mirror the work of authentic researchers, such as myself, then smear the persons they parrot while subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, corrupting the authentic message. Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters & Co. are now promoting the proven falsehoods of Dr. Steven Leonard Jacobs without mention of my refutations of those false claims. At the same time, they are mirroring many of the things I have said before them, and are mirroring and expanding upon the books page I created on my website before they created theirs.

As a current example of countless examples to be had, almost one year ago, on 19 March 2009, I wrote the following text in my blog article:

The World's Worst Were and Are Jews, March 19, 2009

"We know that when specific traits are selected for in animals, such as 'tameness', other unexpected traits appear, such as variegation of pelts and barking behavior in foxes, which makes them similar to dogs. I suspect that the Jewish religion places a breeding pressure on Jews and encourages inbreeding that has affected them in many ways, most of them negative. These forces work together to drive the Jews away from normal human behavior towards dishonest, murderous, selfish, clannish, racist and hateful behavior."

At about 57 minutes into the following interview, Smith/Setters parrots these same insights, which is, to say the least, an amazing "coincidence":


I would also like to give the Armenian Community another heads up about Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters & Co. At about 1 hour and 5 minutes into the interview, "Ognir", aka "Ringo", aka Noel Ryan states (I've tried to clean up his stammering and babbling a bit, so forgive me if this is not exact to the last "Uh. . . Uh"),

"You mentioned a couple of things, there Daryl. That it reminds me. I know a couple of Armenians and they're exactly like Jews. Uh, businessmen, as far as I've met a couple of them. And I have to wonder if the Jews tried to get rid of them in 1915. . . 1916. If you've followed the Armenians from my limited study of the topic that these people have always been under the radar, as well, followed the Jews around in many, many places where the Jews got kicked out of. . . I mean I think it's up to. . . if you go to Biblebelievers.co.au in Australia, they have a list of. . . since 2,050 BC of all the places. Kicked out of Switzerland in 1368, you know different places in France, the UK 1290. Never been actually allowed back in, but there still doing business up to today, you know, 2010. That they actually tried to get rid of the Armenians and that there's no other criminal network around."

"Ognir", aka "Ringo", aka Noel Ryan is demeaning the Armenian dead by blaming them for their deaths for allegedly engaging in the same criminal conduct as Jews, and Noel effectively called the Armenian community a criminal organization.

In their latest interview with Cynthia McKinney, Smith/Setters &Co. embarrassed themselves and McKinney in the disgusting post-interview discussion they had. Other matters which discredit Smith is that he is now claiming that he was the first person to put Ben Freedman's Willard Hotel speech on the internet at about 1 hour, 3 minutes and 30 seconds into the following file:


Both the full version of the Freedman speech, and the redacted version of the speech were widely disseminated on the web for years before Smith/Setters reposted these old files on his site without an attribution to those who sent him these files. Smith/Setters--after telling us for years about the good Jews of his neighborhood, and of his patron Jewess who fed him when he was down and out and whose brothers are Mossad agents according to Smith/Setters--Daryl now claims that there were never any Jews in his life, at about 32 minutes and 15 seconds into the recording.

I note in this context that Smith/Setters told me that John Kaminski is a Jew, but he failed to then also mention the fact that Kaminski was his childhood friend. Smith/Setters waged a long and vicious smear campaign against Kaminski, but I do not ever recall Smith/Setters, or Kaminski, for that matter, ever mentioning the fact that their families were friends going back to Smith/Setters' childhood, until fairly recently. Kaminski is now not Jewish according Smith/Setters. What happened between then and now which rendered him so? Why did Smith/Setters claim that Kaminski is a Jew, and why did not Smith/Setters, or Kaminski, ever discuss their very old friendship while Smith/Setters was attacking Kaminski?

Smith/Setters again contradicts himself when he states that he never had any Jews in his life, while concurrently claiming that Eric Hufschmid is a Jew. Hufschmid was a very big part of Daryl's life for years and Smith/Setters called Eric as recently as August of 2009 asking for his help. Smith/Setters told me that his friend and collaborator "Rupert the Bear 'Muhammad Rafeeq'" is a Jewish banker, which again contradicts Daryl's bogus claim that there were never any Jews in his life. Beyond all of this, Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters told me that he had numerous close Jewish friends while at school at NYU and while living in New York, New York, and that he still has tight Jewish friends in the gold and jewelry business, specializing in imports from Italy.

Smith/Setters often asks us to contemplate the value of "his" work, but I do not see anything of value originating from Daryl. He tends to mirror and smear the work of others, most often without crediting his sources. He seems to think parroting the work of others constitutes "research", because he concurrently smears his sources without crediting their work.