Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Jews Are Obviously Feeling the Heat: Oh How We Miss Hrant Dink and George Apelian!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In part of an ongoing campaign to defame anyone who tells the truth about The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, The Armenian Weekly again demonstrated its Jewish agenda by publishing the following article by Jewish apologist Rifat Bali:

A Recent Anti-Semitic Theme: The Sabbatean Role in the Armenian Genocide

Bali errs when he asserts that I am arguing that only Shabbataian Dönmeh Jews were the primary planners, orchestrators, financiers and leaders of The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians. Bali further errs when he claims that the Turks, or for that matter the Kurds, are supposedly meant to be exonerated by the fact that the Jews designed, paid for and led the massacres in which the Turks and Kurds heavily participated, and by means of which the Turks and Kurds profited in the short term.

Just as America has to atone for the crimes we have committed at the instigation of Jewry, so too must the Turks and Kurds atone for their gross sins against the Armenians.

Emmanuel Carasso, Vladimir Jabotinsky, Israel Lazarevich Gelfand (Alexander Parvus), the Rothschild clan, the Sassoons, etc. were not Dönmeh, though they were Jews prominently behind the CUP. Far more such Jews are named in my book. As proven by the London Times articles which are reproduced in my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, World Jewry was aware of the actions of the Jews in the Ottoman Empire to destroy Christian civilization in the Middle East and to genocide Armenian, Greek and Assyrian Christians. World Jewry's response, then as today, was to scapegoat Muslims for their Jewish crimes, and deny what the Jews were and are doing. World Jewry's response, then as now, was to defame those who told the demonstrated truth, by deceitfully calling them "antisemites!" Herein lies the danger of the horrific, smearmongering and deceptive Jewish apologetics coming from Khatchig Mouradian and The Armenian Weekly.

Armenia is still under genocidal attack from World Jewry. The Jews are playing both sides of the conflict against one another, just as they did during the Armenian Genocide. It is Jews who lead the campaign to deny the Armenian Genocide and it is Jews who lead the campaign to scapegoat the Turks for their Jewish crimes. In both instances, the Jews are careful to cover up their leadership role in the genocide, while yet again pitting Muslims against Christians and Christians against Muslims.

The Jews are decimating and demoralizing the Armenian Nation. The Jewish campaign to exterminate the Armenian "Amalekites" has not yet succeeded and will continue until the Jews are stopped, or until they succeed.

Had the Jews, and humanity in general, heeded the warnings issued in the London Times in 1911, the Armenian Genocide of 1915, the Balkan Wars and the First World War would not have taken place. Had the Jews not screamed "antisemite!" at those telling the truth in 1911, and again in 1919, tens of millions of lives could have been saved.

Today, the Jews have nuclear and biological weapons at their disposal which are capable of exterminating the human race. The Jews view it as their religious duty to kill off humanity. Smearmongering Jews and their sycophants will not stop us from warning the world of the Jewish peril. Perhaps we can avert the Third World War the Jews are manufacturing at this very moment. Perhaps we can bring Christians and Muslims together by demonstrating their common enemy, an enemy who is yet again provoking Muslims and Christians to destroy one another for the benefit of the Jews.

We have lost Hrant Dink to an assassin working for the Dönmeh. We have lost George Apelian. George told me that Hrant Dink knew that the Jews were behind the Armenian Genocide. The Jews murdered Hrant Dink to eliminate any possibility that he would expose them to a vast audience and to end his campaign to reconcile Armenians and Turks.

Rifat Bali's smears are mixed with important quotations he fails to refute. One such quotation gives Hrant Dink's own voice to what George told me:

"Question: There was an article by Mehmet Kamis in yesterday's Zaman. Ibrahim Karagül also published an article in Yeni Safak. There is such a theory [stating that] a group known today as the Sabbateans was to a large extent in control of the leadership of the Committee of Union and Progress. Another analysis has claimed that there was Jewish capital behind the [actions of] the German Army. What do you say [to these claims]?

Answer: It is not a new thesis. I also wrote on this matter a few times. You can also add to that the Baghdad Railway project. I could mention some things from Armenian sources or about the way that Armenians see the[ir] history, but there might be persons who will interpret our conversation as a kind of antisemitism. Let me say right here and now that that would be unfair. If you look to the account generally accepted by the Armenians you will indeed see that behind the Committee of Union and Progress there was German military power, and along side German military power there was the Jewish capital of Germany. This is a topic yet to be researched. If there are any documents or information [on this subject] it will [eventually] come out. In the end the German archives will be the most important testimony, and the Germans themselves have begun to question their own history. In the future we will have a much clearer view [of what happened]. I do not want to go too far into this Sabbateanism thing because, yes, in fact, there are views that claim that among the Committee of Union and Progress leaders that you listed there were indeed certain leaders, such as Dr. Nâzim, who were Dönmes.

I don't wish to say that the Jews were the enemies of the Armenians. It's true, such things can exist, [but] it doesn't make any difference. Let me state that here. An Armenian could also have been a member of the Committee of Union and Progress (…) You know that there was the problem [of competition over influence] in the Palace between the Jews and the Armenians during the Ottoman period. The question of who would economically dominate the Palace was a crucial matter. Sometimes, it was the Jews who would dominate, at other times, the Sultan would grow angry at the Armenians and would decree that from that moment on Armenians would be prohibited from participating in tenders [for contracts]. It is a fact that such a competition existed between the Armenians and the Jews over who would dominate commerce.

The economists will discover [the truth about this matter]. Anyway, it is not my task to find out how this competition has or has not affected what happened [in 1915]. But, when speaking openly, the Armenians do say such things as that 'it was in fact the Jews that had a hand behind what happened to us'.[43] [Note 43 states, "Aydogan Vatandas, Asala Operasyonlari Aslinda Ne Oldu?, (Istanbul: Alfa Yayinlari), 2005, pp. 110-111."] "

As the Jews, and their sycophantic opportunists, try to defame those of us telling the truth, remember that Hrant Dink paid with his life for telling this truth. Do not let his death to have been in vain. Do not let the Jews lie to you and deceive you into believing that the exposure of the Jewish involvement in the Armenian Genocide exonerates the Turks and Kurds. On the contrary, these facts offer further proof of the genocide and give the Armenians a cause of action to sue Jewry and Israel, as well as Turkey and the Kurds, for reparations and other damages.

Watch out, Armenians! The last time the Jews and their sycophants so loudly protested the exposure of Jewish crimes against Armenians, the Jews soon thereafter slaughtered another 1.5 million Armenians. Read my book and you will see the hauntingly familiar Jewish denials which shrilly echo to this day.