Friday, January 01, 2010

Joking Top Ten Guesses of What "Muhammad Rafiq's" Birth Name Might Be

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In light of the laughable presentation of Daryl Bradford Smith and David "Musa" Pidcock, in which Pidcock claimed that "Muhammad Rafeeq" once actually called himself "Rupert the Bear", I thought I would add a touch of humor to my blog with a joking top ten list of humorous guesses as to what "Muhammad Rafeeq's" birth name might be.

Number 10: Paul Rupert Lev Bronstein

Number 9: Paul Rupert Goldi-Lox-n-Bagels

Number 8: Paul Rupert Ivannabeagoyovich

Number 7: Paul Rupert Bugsy Siegelbunny

Number 6: Paul Rupert Setters Smith

Number 5: Paul Rupert Trepur Luap

Number 4: Paul Rupert Barry Soetoro

Number 3: Paul Rupert Madeleine Albright

Number 2: Paul Rupert Baron de Rothschild

Number 1: Nothing funny about that. . .