Thursday, January 28, 2010

On the Racist Australian Government's Attempts to Define the "Jews" as If a "Race" or "Ethnicity"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

On 25 July 1963, on page 8, the Times of London quoted Israeli Supreme Court Justice Haim Cohn's statement that,

"It is one of the bitterest ironies of fate that the same biological or racist approach which was propagated by the Nazis and characterized the infamous Nuremberg laws should, because of an allegedly sacrosanct Jewish tradition, become the basis for the official determination or rejection of Jewishness in the state of Israel." [See also: J. Badi, Fundamental Laws of the State of Israel, Twayne Publishers, New York, (1961), p. 156.]

The racist Australian Government is claiming that "Jews" are a "race" under a statutory definition which incorporates "ethnicities" as if "races". Inevitably, Brendon O'Connell will be asked to explain why he believes that "Jews" are a religious community and not a "race" or "ethnicity" when there are so-called "secular Jews".

Brendon O'Connell is an "O'Connell" by virtue of his birth, but that does not mean that the O'Connells are so homogenous and unique as to constitute a "race" or an "ethnicity". The Australian O'Connells may call themselves "Irish", but they cannot vote in Ireland and probably bear the characteristics of Australians, not the Irish. If we were to trace back O'Connell's ancestors, we would discover that many were not called "O'Connell" and if we were to go back far enough in time we would discover that beyond a certain point in the past none were called "O'Connell". The first "O'Connell" did not change either genetically or ethnically when he or she adopted the name "O'Connell". The O'Connell women who married and took on different names did not change genetically or ethnically when they converted from "O'Connells" to some other name.

"Secular Jews" do not share the prominent ethnicity of any given sect of ultra-orthodox Jews. The only reason they call themselves "Jews" is that if we trace their ancestry back far enough we will discover that their ancestors were members of the Jewish faith. If we go back far enough, we will discover that the ancestors of their "Jewish" ancestors were not "Jews". The first "Jew" in their line did not change genetically or ethnically from his or her brother, or sister, or cousin who did not adopt Judaism.

The so-called "secular Jew" is merely continuing the mythologically-based religious racial prejudice of his religious ancestors and is therefore religiously Jewish, not genetically nor ethnically Jewish; or is merely acknowledging, without intending any prejudice, that some of his ancestors believed in Judaism. That makes the "secular Jew" a religious racist, or a non-Jew with Jewish ancestors, not a member of an unique and homogenous Jewish "race" nor an unique or homogenous Jewish "ethnicity". The nomenclature of "secular Jew" is therefore misleading to some. If O'Connell has a daughter and she marries an O'Toole, her descendants named O'Toole may claim to be O'Connells even though they are not. They may carry on some of the same blood as persons who called themselves O'Connells, but that does not render them a distinct race nor ethnicity.

The American Ashkenazi "secular Jew" is of a different ethnicity and race than the Yemeni Mizrahi "secular Jew" and the only common link between them is that both had ancestors who were religiously Jewish. That religious link does not bind them ethnically nor does it unite them genetically, but it has produced their racist religious prejudice that they are "Jews".

There were many persons in Germany under the NSDAP whose ancestors believed in Judaism and who were surprised and shocked to discover that the German Government had classed them as if a member of the "Jewish race". These persons had assimilated and had not adopted the racist mythology that they were a member of an unique and homogenous "race" or "ethnicity" of "Jews".

The racist Australian Government mirrors the racism of the NSDAP by artificially and with malicious and illegal intent creating a class of person it claims are members of the "Jewish race" and/or "Jewish ethnicity". The NSDAP had made the same artificial distinctions with regard to "Jews" and "Germans" and used this mythology as a basis to invade Czechoslovakia, Austria, Poland, etc. and discriminate against "non-Germans" even in foreign lands. The Jews of Israel use these same artificial and mythological claims to illegally discriminate against all non-Jews.

The negative impact of the racism of the Australian Government is already being felt both in its harassment of its own citizens who are defending the nation from foreign aggression, with illegal prosecutions of those citizens, and in the illegal privileges the Government is granting sworn enemies of the State.