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An Open Letter to Dr. Steven Leonard Jacobs and Khatchig Mouradian of "The Armenian Weekly" Demanding a Retraction

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Dr. Steven Leonard Jacobs published a personal attack against me in The Armenian Weekly and grossly misrepresented my work, including my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians. The Armenian Weekly has thus far failed to retract Dr. Steven Leonard Jacobs' numerous falsehoods. In what appears to be an ongoing smear campaign, Khatchig Mouradian, editor of The Armenian Weekly, earlier sought to defame me rather than address the facts presented in my work, as I recorded in my blog article:

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I will here demonstrate the enormous number of direct errors, and errors by omission of relevant facts, in Jacobs' article which compel him to make a retraction, beginning with the title:

"Jacobs: The Outrageous Claim of Christopher Jon Bjerkness: The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians"

My name is spelled "Bjerknes", not "Bjerkness". Jacobs misspelled my name throughout his error ridden article. Jacobs' carelessness as a scholar is evident in even in his title, and it is consistent.

In the first line of his abstract, Jacobs writes:

"According to Swiss-born Canadian conspiracy theorist Henry Makow, author of the antisemitic text Illuminati: The Cult that Hijacked the World (BookSurge Publishing, 2008), [. . .]"

In fact, Henry Makow is a proud Jew, descended from Jews who perished during and as a result of the Holocaust, as Makow, himself, writes:

"I am a non-observant, non-self-hating Canadian Jew who believes in God and Christ's gospel of love. My grandparents all died in the holocaust; my parents narrowly survived by passing as non-Jews. I lived in Israel in 1972-3 but left because Israelis seemed as materialistic as Canadians. Israel also struck me as a country that devoured its own people.

Nevertheless I remained a Zionist until recently when I discovered its hidden imperialist character. Still, I support Israel's existence within the 1967 boundaries, with restitution to the Palestinians. I believe most Israelis and Jews have been hoodwinked as I was."

In the second line of his abstract, Jacobs insults me and attacks my heritage by implying that I have lied about the fact that my maternal grandfather, Nathan Sirkin, was at least half Jewish. Jacobs, who never determined who my grandparents were, as a proper scholar would, instead wrote the insulting and accusatory words:

"Bjerkness[sic], who claims 'Jewish descent' (?),"

In the third line of his abstract, Jacobs again errs when he writes:

"[Bjerknes] is the author of Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist (XTX, 2002, 2,826 pages!), "

In fact, my book Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist is 407 pages. Is it my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein that is 2,825 pages long.

In the second line of his introduction, Jacobs writes:

"[. . .] The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, a totally spurious and fraudulent document supposedly telling the story of a secret midnight cemetery meeting of a group of rabbis at which their leader spells out their plans in twenty-four 'protocols' for world take-over."

The Protocols do not purport to be a meeting of rabbis in a cemetery. Jacobs confuses the Protocols with Hermann Goedsche's book Biarritz of 1868, which contained a chapter, "The Jewish Cemetery in Prague and the Council of Representatives of the Twelve Tribes of Israel". Jacobs continues in his errors regarding the Protocols, when he next writes:

"And while the Protocols have been successfully refuted in 1917 in Great Britain, 1934 in Switzerland, and 1993 in Russia, it continues to maintain a life of its own up to and including the present-day on websites and in print. (In 1927, in the United States for example, automobile magnate Henry Ford serialized them in his newspaper The Dearborn Independent and later republished them in a four-volume text entitled The International Jew and still available at these same sites.)"

In his notation to this statement, Jacobs lists himself as a co-author to an article on the Protocols. He should have read them, and if he had, he would have known that there is no mention of rabbis meeting in a graveyard. I am unaware of any refutation of the Protocols in Great Britain in 1917. The first mention I find of the Protocols in Great Britain was in March of 1920, as recorded in the London Times on 8 May 1920, in an article entitled, "The Jewish Peril", which is reproduced in full in my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein at pages 794-797, in which article it states, inter alia:

"In spite of the urgency of impartial and exhaustive criticism, the pamphlet has been allowed, so far, to pass almost unchallenged."

The Times article then appears to lend credence to the Protocols and it was only in successive articles that an attempt was made to refute them, though all such attempts have failed and are mutually contradictory in their assertions. History, above all else, has proved the authenticity of the Jewish and Freemasonic plans outlined in the Protocols.

Jacobs errs by omission when he claims that the Protocols were refuted as if a "forgery" in Switzerland in 1934. Though a corrupt Swiss court made such a decision in 1935, note that the Jewish press reported the decision before it was made, the appellate court then reversed the decision in its entirety on 1 November 1937 [See: L. Fry, Waters Flowing Eastward: The War Against the Kingship of Christ, Ninth Edition, TBR Books, Washington, D.C., (2000), pp. 107, 263-267. H. de Vries de Heekelingen, Les Protocols des Sages de Sion constituent-ils un faux, Lausanne, (1938)]. Jacobs next refers to the 1993 ruling of a Russian court as if the courts are to be our arbiters of history, which is an absurd posture for a proper scholar to assume.

Contrary to Jacobs' false claims, Henry Ford did not serialize the Protocols in The Dearborn Independent at any time, much less in 1927, at which time Ford was forced by an assassination attempt to end his exposure of World Jewry. The Dearborn Independent began to expose World Jewry in 1920, and it was these articles which appeared in 1920-1922 as The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem.

Jacobs states that he deliberately errs when pronouncing my name, which prompts the question as to how much, if any, of his failed scholarship may instead be deliberate lying, when Jacobs writes:

"Christopher Jon Bjerkness [sic Bjerknes] (b. 1967 [sic 1965]) ('B'yerk-ness,' though I personally prefer to pronounce it with a 'j')"

Rather than providing his own assessment, as a proper scholar would, Jacobs then quotes Henry Makow and known hoaxster and smearmonger Eric Hufschmid at great length in Jacobs' unscholarly ad hominem attack against me. The first line of Jacobs' assessment of my book erroneously states:

"As noted previously, The Jewish Genocide of the Armenian Christian is a massive 574-page PDF document available for downloading and printing from Bjerkness'[sic] website, along with his even more massive Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist (2,826 [sic 407] pages!)."

My book Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist is not available for free download and is not 2,826 pages long.

In a failed mission to find any flaws in my work, Jacobs fabricates reasons to criticize the style, though not even the substance, of my book, when Jacobs writes:

"Additionally, again without attribution, he references, for example, 'well-[sic]intentioned people' (pg. 14), 'many people'[sic] (ibid.), 'many persons' (pg. 15). He also employs such rhetorical devices 'it is a well-known fact that' (pg. 16), 'it appears unquestionable that' (pg. 17) without any source citation whatsoever."

As is perfectly clear in the text of my book, I did not state "many people" on page 15, and my references to "well intentioned people" and "many persons" on pages 14 and 15 are references to articles and letters to the editor published in the London Times, which I not only cite, but which I reproduced in full in the book. Jacobs fabricated a false excuse to criticize my book and wrongfully attributed the statements "It is a well-known fact that" and "It appears unquestionable that" to me, which were in fact made by the Vienna Correspondent to the Times of London, not me. The fact that I did not make these statements, which Jacobs has falsely attributed to me, is quite clear in my book.

Jacobs next misrepresents the contents of my book when he states:

"Early on, he makes the following claim (without any supportive evidence) which appears throughout the text:

Jewish leaders then placed Adolf Hitler in power in the hopes that he would chase the Jews of Europe into Palestine. (pg. 20)"

In fact, I stated on page 227 that the evidence in support of my claims is found in my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein, when I wrote:

"When the Jews discovered that emancipation led to assimilation, they imprisoned Napoleon. Napoleon served as the Messianic model for another Zionist dictator, the next pseudo-Messiah to attempt to 'restore the Jews to Palestine', Adolf Hitler. This is explained in detail in my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein."

Jacobs hypocritically makes the following assertion without any supportive evidence:

"But they [the Jews whom Jacobs' concedes participated in the Armenian Genocide] were a decided minority and unrepresentative of the overall Turkish Jewish community, despite Bjerkness'[sic] claims."

In his very next line, Jacobs then grossly misrepresents the contents of my book to falsely accuse me of what he has just done in the preceding line of his ad hominem attack:

" Without evidence, he argues that there were six reasons why the Jews of Turkey were 'motivated' to murder Assyrians [sic]:"

The evidence in my book is overwhelming, abundant and compelling, and Jacobs fails throughout his personal attack to address any of it, let alone refute it, as a proper scholar would at least attempt to do. He instead falsely wishes it away, with his fallacy of Petitio Principii of pretending that there can be no evidence because he falsely presumes that there can be no evidence, in spite of the fact that I have presented overwhelming, abundant and compelling proof of my claims, when Jacobs childishly and disingenuously writes:

"(Needless to say, Bjerkness [sic] supplies no supporting evidence for any of these claims because there is no supporting evidence to be had!)"

Having made his irrational, false and disingenuous claim, Jacobs next repeats it to proclaim victory with his inane and patently false declaration:

"[. . .]using as its point of departure the fraudulent claim of the supposed Jewish genocide of Armenian Christians without any documentation to back up his outrageous claims."

The documentation is found throughout my book and Jacobs cannot wish it away with falsehoods.

Jacobs falsely claims that I provided no documentation in support of the factual claim that Talaat Bey and Ataturk were crypto-Jews. Jacobs shamelessly writes:

"Bjerkness [sic] again reminds his readers—without documentation—that both Talaat Bey, the primary architect of the Armenian Genocide, and Kemal Atatürk were both 'crypto-Jews' (pg. 226)."

On page 52 of my book, I quote a letter to the editor of the London Times, which states that Talaat was a Dönmeh:

"Gaster's views concerning Freemasonry in Turkey do not coincide with those held by many Moslems. I need only mention Colonel Sadik Bey and the Committee insurgents, and Sheikh Rashid Ridha. Heaven forbid that I should express an opinion as to which is right. I will merely remark that, according to information which I have received from genuine Freemasons, the majority of the lodges founded under the auspices of the Grand Orient of Turkey since the revolution were, at the outset, avatars of the Committee of Union and Progress, that they have not yet been recognized by British Freemasonry, and that the first ‘Supreme Council' of the G. O. of Turkey appointed in 1909, contained three Jews (Carasso, Cohen, and Faraggi) and three Dönmés (Djavid Bey, S. Kibar, and Osman Talaat)."

Henry Wickham Steed provided an eyewitness account that the CUP was largely Jewish, and stated in his book Through Thirty Years: 1892-1922: A Personal Narrative, Volume One, Doubleday, Page & Company, Garden City, New York, (1924), p. 277, as quoted in my book on pages 218-219:


In this task he failed. King Ferdinand, the chief culprit, outlived him and was destined to lead his country into yet greater disaster. Meanwhile the Turks, among whom the influence of the—largely Jewish—Committee of Union and Progress was still powerful, were accentuating the ‘national' policy which had provoked the first Balkan War and were dreaming at once pan-Islamic and ‘New Turanian' dreams. Many of the Young Turkish leaders I knew already. Talaat, Minister of the Interior and afterwards Grand Vizir, I had met in Paris in 1909. Others had visited me in Vienna. Upon Talaat I called soon after reaching Constantinople. He received me with almost affectionate cordiality and began at once a magniloquent dissertation upon high politics."

Contrary to Jacobs' false and misleading claims, I also quoted from Marcelle Tinayre's article in L'Illustration in December of 1923, which was translated into English and published as "Saloniki", The Living Age, Volume 320, Number 4156, (1 March 1924), pp. 417-421; as follows from page 223 of my book:

"The deunmehs of to-day, affiliated with Free Masonry, instructed in Occidental universities, often professing total atheism, have given leaders to the Young Turk revolution. Talaat Bey, Djavid Bey, and many other members of the Committee of Union and Progress were deunmehs from Saloniki. "

At page 224 of my book, I provided still further proof of the fact that Talaat was a Jew, by quoting Inspector-General of the Turkish Forces in Armenia and Military Governor of Egyptian Sinai during the First World War, Rafael De Nogales, from his book Four Years Beneath the Crescent, Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, (1926):

"That was the renegade Hebrew (donme) of Salonika, Talaat, the principal organizer of the massacres and deportations, who, fishing in muddy waters, succeeded in raising himself from the humble rank of postal clerk to that of Grand Vizier of the Empire."

Contrary to Jacobs' patently false claim that I provided no proof of the fact that Ataturk was a Jew, on page 65 of my book, I quoted two sources as follows:

"According to an article by Hillel Halkin entitled, 'When Kemal Ataturk Recited Shema Yisrael: 'It's My Secret Prayer, Too,' He Confessed', which appeared in the Forward of New York, on 28 January 1994, Mustafa Kemal 'Atatürk' stated that he was not only Jewish, but that he was a descendant of the false Jewish messiah Shabbatai Zevi. Mustafa Kemal 'Atatürk' is quoted as having said,

'I'm a descendant of Sabbetai Zevi—not indeed a Jew any more, but an ardent admirer of this prophet of yours. My opinion is that every Jew in this country would do well to join his camp.'

Gershom Scholem wrote in his book Kabbalah, that Djavid Bey was descended from the false Jewish messiah Baruchyah Russo,

'Their liturgies were written in a very small format so that they could easily be hidden. All the sects concealed their internal affairs from Jews and Turks so successfully that for a long time knowledge of them was based only on rumor and upon reports of outsiders. Doenmeh manuscripts revealing details of their Shabbatean ideas were brought to light and examined only after several of the Doenmeh families decided to assimilate completely into Turkish society and transmitted their documents to friends among the Jews of Salonika and Izmir. As long as the Doenmeh were concentrated in Salonika, the sect's institutional framework remained intact, although several Doenmeh members were active in the Young Turks' movement which originated in that city. The first administration that came to power after the Young Turk revolution (1909) included three ministers of Doenmeh origin, including the minister of finance, Djavid Bey, who was a descendant of the Baruchiah Russo family and served as one of the leaders of his sect. One assertion that was commonly made by many Jews of Salonika (denied however, by the Turkish government) was that Kemal Atatürk was of Doenmeh origin. This view was eagerly embraced by many of Atatürk's religious opponents in Anatolia.'"

On page 213, I quoted from an article"Sabbatean Messianism as Proto-Secularism: Examples in Modern Turkey and Zionism" by Prof. M. Avrum Ehrlich, found in the book, M. Tütüncü, Editor, Turkish-Jewish Encounters: Studies on Turkish-Jewish Relations Through the Ages = Türk-Yahudi Bulusmalari: Tarihte Türk-Yahudi Iliskileri Arastirmalari, SOTA, Haarlem, (2001), pp. 273-306:

"Rumours were always extant that key activists in the revolution were of Dönme stock; even Atatürk was alleged by some to have Dönme ancestry37. It was via the Masonic lodges that the Dönme, the Jews, Bektashi and secularists who were less accepted in mainstream society were able to meet on an equal footing, many of them becoming major instruments of the revolution."

On page 226 of my book, I quoted from the article "The Sort of Man Mustafa Kemal Is", The Literary Digest, Volume 75, Number 2, Whole Number 1695, (14 October 1922), pp. 50, 52-53, at 50:

"A SPANISH JEW BY ANCESTRY, an orthodox Moslem by birth and breeding, trained in a German war college, a patriot, a student of the campaigns of the world's great generals, including Napoleon, Grant and Lee—these are said to be a few outstanding characteristics in the personality of the new ‘Man on Horseback' who has appeared in the Near East. He is a real dictator, the correspondents testify, a man of the type which is at once the hope and fear of nations torn to pieces by unsuccessful wars. Unity and power have come back to Turkey largely through the will of Mustafa Kemal Pasha. No one has yet, it appears, referred to him as the ‘Napoleon of the Near East,' but some enterprising journalist will probably do it sooner or later; for Kemal's way of rising into power, his methods at once autocratic and carefully considered, even his military tactics, are said to resemble those of Napoleon."

Contrary to Jacobs' falsehoods, on page 217 of my book, I quoted Joachim Prinz's book The Secret Jews, Random House, New York, (1973), p. 122, which stated that Ataturk was a Jew:

"The revolt of the Young Turks in 1908 against the authoritarian regime of Sultan Abdul Hamid began among the intellectuals of Salonika. It was from there that the demand for a constitutional regime originated. Among the leaders of the revolution which resulted in a more modern government in Turkey were Djavid Bey and Mustafa Kemal. Both were ardent doenmehs. Djavid Bey became minister of finance; Mustafa Kemal became the leader of the new regime and he adopted the name of Atatürk. His opponents tried to use his doenmeh background to unseat him, but without success. Too many of the Young Turks in the newly formed revolutionary Cabinet prayed to Allah, but had as their real prophet Shabtai Zvi, the Messiah of Smyrna"

So much for Jacobs' oft repeated and highly deceitful claims that I provided no evidence in support of my claims.

In addition to other erroneous claims, Jacobs states when addressing my writings on the Rothschild family:

"[. . .]their employment of a 'Jewish actor (not true!) named John Wilkes Booth' to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln (14 April 1865) because of Lincoln's opposition to their plans (pg. 242), [ . . .]"

Jacobs hypocritically fails to cite any source for his false claim that Booth was not Jewish, while elsewhere falsely claiming that I have failed to provide evidence in support of my contentions when I have in fact provided voluminous proof of The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians. In point of fact, John Wilkes Booth was a Jewish actor. As but one source of countless to be had, I will quote a contemporary biographical account of the man found in The Life, Crime and Capture of John Wilkes Booth by George Alfred Townsend, at page 21, where John Wilkes Booth's father is described,

"The elder Booth in every land was a sojourner, as all his fathers were. Of Hebrew descent, and by a line of actors, he united in himself that strong Jewish physiognomy which, in its nobler phases, makes all that is dark and beautiful, and the combined vagrancy of all men of genius and all men of stage."

Jacobs yet again misrepresents my book, which provides an immense amount of documentation proving Rothschild power, when Jacobs disingenuously writes:

"The only proof that Bjernkness [sic] can muster to support his notion of Rothschild power is the fact that the British Balfour Declaration of 2 November 1917 was in the form of a letter from the Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour (1848-1930) to Baron Walter Rothschild (1868-1937), a leader of the Jewish community of Great Britain, declaring His Majesty's Government's 'declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations' towards 'the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.' (Balfour also noted his appreciation in the letter that its contents be shared with the Zionist Federation.)"

I will perhaps address the many errors in Jacobs' notations at a later date.

If Jacobs and The Armenian Weekly fail to retract their many published false statements after receiving notice that they are false, then the ongoing publication of these known falsehoods will be an act of deliberate deception of the public.

To demonstrate the dangers of Jacobs' misrepresentations of the facts, I will quote from the London Times, "THE ARMENIAN MASSACRES: EXTERMINATING A RACE: A RECORD OF HORRORS", which was published on 8 October 1915, on page 5:

"The attempts of the American Ambassador to procure some alleviation of the lot of Armenians have thus far proved unsuccessful. Mr Morganthau, in the opinion of good observers, wasted too much diplomatic energy on behalf of the Zionists of Palestine, who were in no danger of massacre, to have any force to spare. Talaat and Bedri simply own that persecuting Armenians amuses them and turn a deaf ear to American pleadings. German and Austro-Hungarian residents in Turkey at first approved of the punishment of Armenian ‘traitors', but the methods of the Turkish extremists have sickened even Prussian stomachs. True the Jewish Baron von Oppenheim, now in Syria, has been preaching massacre, and the German Consular officials al Aleppo and Alexandretta have followed suit, perhaps with the idea of planting German colonists in the void left by the disappearance of the Armenians when the war is over."

Note that Morgenthau, who it is often claimed was a Jewish hero of the Armenian Genocide, was in fact a Zionist opportunist who helped to perpetuate the massacres, as were those "Germans" who are often scapegoated for the Jewish crime, those "Germans" who were in fact International Jews.

cc: Khatchig Mouradian

Dr. Steven Leonard Jacobs

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