Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Three Stooges, "Rupert the Bear 'Rafiq'", "Ognir" and Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

"Ognir's" Torah scroll is all rolled up in a bunch and the stammering, babbling Irishman living in Switzerland is again begging me to grant him an interview, though he already knows that I have no desire to speak to him, a fact I made clear before he publicly aligned himself with "Rupert the Bear 'Rafiq'" and Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters. I did once offer to interview "Ognir"/"Ringo"/Noel Ryan in consideration for his disclosing the original birth names of "Rupert the Bear 'Rafiq'" as well as the names of his parents and grandparents. How can we have faith in any name "Rupert the Bear 'Rafiq'" offers us if we cannot independently verify it?

I should note that "Ognir"/"Ringo"/Noel Ryan has consistently run damage control for his Jewish banking friend who is straight out of the "City of London", the center of international Jewish bankers. He is also a "go-to guy" for damage control for Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters.

"Ognir"/"Ringo"/Noel Ryan rejected my offer to interview him with the pathetic cop out that he did not know the email address of "Rupert the Bear 'Rafiq'". Now that I have forced the three stooges to publicly reveal the fact that "Muhammad Rafeeq" is not the man's original birth name, "Ognir"/"Ringo"/Noel Ryan is again trying to run damage control for his cartoon character friend and is again begging to talk to me. My original offer has been rejected, is withdrawn, and I will not make it again.

Here is my new offer. I will agree to interview "Ognir"/"Ringo"/Noel Ryan, Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters and "Rupert the Bear 'Rafiq'" (that's right the three stooges all together against poor little old me, three against one) if they all three come to Chicago at once and agree to have the interview videotaped in its entirety with their faces appearing in the interview and grant full rights to the interview and the full rights to broadcast it to me. I also demand that "Rupert the Bear 'Rafiq'" himself first tell us all names he has used in his entire lifetime, including his original birth name and provide copies of his original birth certificate and passport, as well as telling us his parents' and grandparents' names and agrees to cooperate in the process of verifying the information. This is a reasonable request given that David "Musa" Pidcock has claimed that "Rupert the Bear 'Rafiq'" has used pseudonyms on a regular basis and Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters believes "Rupert the Bear 'Rafiq'" does not want his original birth name made public. I also demand that "Ognir"/"Ringo"/Noel Ryan first tell us his, Ryan's, parents' and grandparents' full original birth names. I also demand that Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters first tell us his parents' and grandparents' full original birth names and the names of the alleged Mossad agents whose sister was his alleged patron, as well as her full original birth name and any married name she has, or has had, and if any of these persons or their relatives is engaged in the gold and/or jewelry trades. I further demand that Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters tell us the names of all of the Jews in the gold and/or jewelry trades whom he knows and disclose any assistance, including sums of money or gold, he has ever received from them.

There you have it, "Ringo". Since you are so desperate to talk to me, those are my terms which must be met in full within one week from 3 January 2010, at the conclusion of which time the offer will be withdrawn. If you lack funds perhaps British Intelligence might offer to pay your way, or maybe the CIA and/or Mossad would take an interest and fund you, or maybe "Rafeeq's" friends in the "City of London" could pay your way, I wouldn't know.