Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ADL Pressure Succeeds in the Ukraine

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



As was the case with Jewish puppet Barack Obama, who effectively denied The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, World leaders again deny genocide under Jewish pressure. Yoav Shamir's documentary Defamation reveals that the ADL pressured the Ukrainians to obey Jewish demands regarding the Holodomor, during which the Jews mass murdered some 11 million Ukrainian Christians. The Jew Lazar Kaganovich led the Jewish genocide of Ukrainian Christians, which was in large part a Jewish act of revenge against the Ukrainians for the Chmielnicki pogroms of 1648-1656.

The Jews were especially keen to degrade the genetic stock of the Ukrainians by wiping out their intellectual class. The Jews perhaps also caused the Chernobyl disaster to attack the genetics of the Ukrainians. The Jews kidnap Ukrainian woman to this day and use them as sex slaves on a massive scale.