Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Armenians and Turks Are Fools to Give the Jews So Much Power

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

We have all watched as the Jews pretend to jump start the "peace process" with the Arabs everytime the Jews wish to improve their image after brutally attacking the helpless Arabs. We all know that the Jews have no intentions whatsoever of ending their war on the Arabs, and that the Jews thrive on this war and the Nation of Israel could not exist without it and only exists to carry it forward.

The Jewish assault on the dignity of Armenians and Turks takes a similar form. The Jews order their puppets among the Turks and Armenians to pretend to move toward normal relations, then the Jews order them to scuttle the process at opportune moments. It is all theater.

The Armenians foolishly think they have friends among the Israelis who enter motions in the Israeli Knesset for commissions to study the Armenian Genocide so as to pass a resolution condemning it. The Jews are not working for your interests but are instead creating leverage for themselves so that the Turks and Armenians compete to more tenderly lick Jewish boots and court the favor of the Jews who destroyed the Turkish Empire and genocided 1.5 million Armenians.

Instead of the Turks sucking up to the Jews so that the Jews do not admit the genocide, and instead of the Armenians tonguing dark and sour Jewish holes and rubbing their noses on the Jewish cheeks that seek to exterminate the Armenians, and further instead of destroying one another and inviting Russia into another disaster for all concerned; the Turks and Armenians should unite against their common enemy, the Jew, and the Turks should pass a resolution condemning the Armenian Genocide and acknowledging that Jews created it so as to ruin Turkey; and the Armenians should pass a resolution condemning the Jews' role in the Armenian Genocide and the Jewish efforts to deny the genocide and to pit Armenians and Turks against one another so that they again destroy one another. If only there were one honest and powerful man among the Turks and one among the Armenians, such a thing could be accomplished and then the real beginning of life for Armenia and Turkey as friends and neighbors could begin.

It will be so easy to defang the Jews. Simply point out that the "Young Turks" were Jews, and that it is the Jews who seek to cover up the genocide they caused and who continue to use it for profit to pit Muslim against Christian, Christian against Muslim, and to watch as the Turks and Armenians struggle to stretch their tongues to the absolute limits to plunge them to the bottom of the deepest, darkest sewers of Jewry.

Armenians and Turks, will you never grow weary of sucking up to the Jews who are out to destroy you?