Friday, April 30, 2010

Ism's and Ishes: "Don't Blame the Jews for What They Do!"???

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

We all know that the real ism behind Communism is Judaism, but Jews like the extended Rothschild clan pretended that the Communist Jews they put in power in Russia were not Jews, but instead were atheists diametrically opposed to Judaism. Strange thing was, these "atheists" protected synagogues and rabbis, while mass murdering and humiliating Christian clergy and turning Christian churches into ashes, or pig barns. Marx was a devout student of the Talmud, and Judaism holds that Jews are the Jewish god on Earth, such that the Jewish people are taught to worship themselves, as above so below. Just as the Jewish god rules the lesser Goy gods in the heavens, so the Jews rule the Goyim on Earth. Just as the Jewish god and his puppet Sammael scapegoat the Goyim for Jewish crimes against humanity, so the Jews scapegoat the Goyim and blame "atheism" for their Jewish crimes against humanity.

But Jewish "atheism" is but a disguise for Judaism. It is a process of destruction of the Goyim and empowerment of the Jew, which is Judaism in its purest form. It is the dismissal of Gentile life, not the dismissal of Gentile gods, per se. The Jews do not seek to destroy all religion, only to deprive the Goyim of their supernatural protection while increasing the might of their Jewish god, and the Jews call this process, "atheism".

The Jews, through clown troops like Daryl Bradford Smith & Co., as well as through Talmudic Jews like Neturei Karta, also deny that Zionism is Judaism and ridiculously claim that Zionism is diametrically opposed to Judaism. A rather odd claim given that the objectives of Zionism mirror those of Judaism and are the fulfillment of Jewish prophecy, are fulfilled by Jews, and benefit only Jews to the detriment of all others. The underlying message being, "Don't blame the Jews for what they do!"

We are now facing a Jewish onslaught in America calling itself "Libertarianism". Yet again, the Jews hide their face by claiming to be "anti-Communists", changing their names, calling their Jewish economics instead, "Austrian", and demanding that we not blame the Jews for what the Jews are doing. The goals of "Libertarianism" are the same old Jewish goals of opening the door to ruinous unregulated usury, gold coins minted in the Jewish Temple, the destruction of Goy culture through the promotion of selfishness, disunity, mutual hatred, and counter-revolution against the American Revolution which will divide us against ourselves. The Jews swarm around this hive and constructed its nest inviting us in to sample their golden honey, so that they can sting us to death. But "Libertarianism" is but another disguise for Judaism masquerading as a primarily secular movement, in that it corrodes the Goyim while providing the Jews the opportunity for absolute rule.

It is easy to recognize these Jewish pseudo-political movements as Judaism. They always seek to render the Jews as a nation blameless, deny that Judaism seeks World conquest, and offer up self destructive "solutions" to the Goyim for the problems the Jews are deliberately causing, without punishing the Jews for their actions. "Libertarianism", and its Jewish grandmother "Objectivism", are engineered to produce chaos followed by iron fisted Jewish rule, as were Communism and Zionism. They are pure Judaism, and we should recognize the JewISH in the Ism's.