Saturday, April 24, 2010

The "Jewish" President Obama Broke His Vow to the Armenians Yet Again: The Agenda Behind the Staged Drama of International Politics

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Yet again, the Jews' man in power, Barack Obama, broke his campaign promise to recognize the Armenian Genocide. Yet again, World leaders cooperated to provide cover for the Jews' desire to cover up their holocaust of the Armenian People.

Just recently, the Armenian President suspended the peace process taking place with Turkey so as to create an entirely artificial "crisis" in Armenian-Turkish relations which had no real effect other than to provide the Jews with an excuse to blame the Armenians for the fact that the Jews are attacking the dignity and interests of the Armenians, yet again. Now the Jewish press can falsely claim that Obama had to hold his tongue in the interests of international relations and was so good to the Armenians that he refused to use the term "genocide" so as to keep the Armenian-Turkish friendship alive and well.

Armenian, Turkish and American leaders all played their parts in this sham series of events. In the real World, Turkey benefits greatly from Armenia and Armenians, and Armenia is caught between a Turkish hardplace and a Russian rock. The Jews want to inflame hatreds between Russians and Turks and do all that is possible to destroy Armenia and Armenians, who would profit from good relations in the region, as would the Turks and Russians. Armenians are pitted against Turks by the Jewish manufactured pan-Turkic nonsense that they are supposed Turkic brothers of the Azeris, who through the machinations of the Jews ended up controlling Armenian lands and large Armenian populations. Azerbaijan is in the tight grasp of the Jews both through the Jewish control of the Azeri press and the Jewish control of Azeri politicians.

I suggest that the Armenians stop giving the Jewish puppet Barack Obama so much power over their fate, and ask themselves a few simple questions: "What would we do now if Obama had called the Armenian Genocide, 'genocide'? What prevents us from doing the same thing just because Obama is a career liar?"

You already have Obama on the record stating that the genocide was a genocide, and that he would acknowledge the fact if elected. You need nothing more to do what you desire to do. Instead of allowing the Jews to perpetually humiliate you and destroy your morale, why don't you just do what you were planning to do if Obama had, instead of lying, kept his word?

If you (mistakenly) believe you need Obama's permission to take your case to the international courts, then take your case to court anyway and subpoena Obama's lying buttocks for his testimony under oath. But please do not let the Jews continue to humiliate you year after year after year. By allowing the Jews' puppets to regulate your actions, you are only enabling your own cowardice and failure to act. The Jews are providing you with an excuse to do nothing and you are using this excuse to neglect your duty.

Delayed justice is denied justice and you are letting the Jews stall you when you could instead take action today. Of course, when the case goes to trial it will come out that the "Young Turks" were Jews. You would be wise to seek damages from the Jews, as well as the Turks and the Kurds, from the outset. You will then discover what good friends are those Jews who were so good to you as to order their puppet Obama to spit on you yet again.