Thursday, April 22, 2010

No Alliance With the Jews Ever Succeeds: The Carrot and the Stick Are Costumes Disguising the Same Diseased Shaft

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Having the studied the history of the Jewish war on the human race, I have observed that every alliance with the Jews has ultimately benefitted the Jews to the detriment of their would-be allies. The Germans prior to World War One were very good to the Jews, who were planning to conquer and divide Germany, then make it nothing but an impotent part of a unified Jewish European continent.

The Jews succeeded in destroying Germany. The Jews also ruined their allies the Brits, as well as their friends, the Turks, and the revolutionary Armenians, etc. etc. etc.

Observe some present day Armenians to learn how the Jews manipulate Gentiles with the same prod garbed in the orange dress of a carrot, and the splintery cloak of a stick. Some Armenian opportunists view the power of the Jews as greater than that of the Turks, and so welcome an alliance with the Jews to attack present day Turks for the crimes Jews, Turks and Kurds committed against their Armenian ancestors. They are obviously not interested in justice, or in the long term future of Armenia and Armenians, but instead see a chance to profit with the Jews from the tragedy of their People's past. Precisely the same thing happened during the Armenian Holocaust. And what was the result?

Nothing can be gained in the long term by fearing the Jews, or by allying with the Jews. In either event, the Jews plan to destroy everyone, and do so incrementally. The Jews often have a firmer grip on the fate of their would-be allies, than they do on their open enemies, and the Jews often inflict the worst harm on those who help them, as in the case of the British, the Spanish, the Turks, the Russians, the Germans, the Arabs, the Armenians, etc. and now upon America.

Jews like to give their enemies gifts (in the Jewish mind, everyone is their enemy), knowing that gifts tend to confuse stupid people. In every instance, the people which invites in the Jewish Trojan horse rides it to disaster.

While it is wise to understand the power of the Jews, it is suicide to fear it. It is better to snap the stick which the Jews would strike across your cheek and let the carrot nowhere near your mouth. Both are poisoned. Both will bring either you or your descendants ruin and death.