Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Sweet Deal for the Jews, All Others Lose

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A deal was recently struck between a traitorous Ukrainian government, the Russian government, and the Jews. The Jews promised the Russians that they could deliver the Ukrainians. The Jews promised the corrupt leaders of the Ukraine kick backs from an extension of the lease to the Russian navy to maintain a Black Sea fleet in the Crimea.

Win, win? Hardly so, for to clinch the deal, the Ukrainian traitors had to promise the Jews that they would themselves deny the Jewish genocide of Ukrainian Christians, and so they did. The Russians had to promise the Jews to help keep their puppets in power in the Ukraine, to oppose Turkey, and to let the Jews reap the profits of the enterprise, and so they will.

The Ukrainians lose their sovereignty and ties to Western Europe. The Russians are being set up for the next Russo-Turkish War and another battle between the pan-Slavia of Serbia, Ukraine and Russia against pan-Turkey which extends into China. The Russians and Ukrainians lose.

The Jews win. They will reap profits from the Russian fleet. They will maintain a firm grip on the Ukraine. They will generate another World War. They will harm the Ukraine, Russia and Turkey, and they will secure their ally, the traitorous leadership of Georgia, who will depend on the Jews for support in the conflict the Jews manufactured between Georgia and Russia, and Turkey and Armenia, and Turkey and Russia, etc. etc. etc. all in Jewish hopes of again turning the Black Sea red with Goy blood, and as part of the Jewish campaign to scapegoat others for the Jewish genocides of Gentile peoples.