Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why America, Not Russia?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have often wondered why the Jews bothered to commit pogroms against their own, and grossly exaggerate their scale in the international press, so as to provide a pretext to move millions of Jews from Russia to America in preparation for their ultimate move to Palestine. Would it not have been easier to leave the Jews in Russia? What does Russia lack that America has in abundance?

The Jewish campaign to vilify Russia as if "Gog and Magog" dates back hundreds of years. At least as long ago as the 1500's, the Jews tried to claim that Roman Catholics were the anti-Christ and divide the Church against itself, as well as pitting it against the Russians and the Turks, both of whom the Jews also called "anti-Christ". In Russia, Jewish propaganda stigmatized Turks and Roman Catholics as if "anti-Christ". It appears at first blush that this was just the Jewish way of manufacturing a World War which would free up Palestine and kill off millions upon millions of Gentiles, while netting the Jews a nice profit.

But of late, I am beginning to suspect that the Jews might really believe that Russia is "Gog and Magog" and have tried to divide the armies of their ultimate enemies against one another, by pitting the Russians against the Muslims and against the West, as well as using the Chinese and Japanese to kill Russians. Of course, when the Jews manufactured their ancient prophecies, the Russ did not yet exist, nor did Christianity or Islam. Those Jews faced Phoenicians, Egypt, Persia, Greece, and were probably closely tied to the Babylonians, if not Babylonians proper themselves.

It appears to me that the Jews would have had an easier time fulfilling their plans had they left their people in Russia and built it up to suit their needs. Instead, they constantly seek to move them out and destroy Russia. So why did they move them there in the first place, and why did they then move them to America? The Jews have now begun to devour us worse than they did during the Wilson and Roosevelt administrations, and there is something fundamental in the religious beliefs of the Jews at play here. Another Exodus is coming, and I am not convinced that it will be to Palestine.

The Cabalah, not the Old Testament, holds the key. The secret doctrines of Shabbattai Zevi, Baruchyah Russo and Jacob Frank, as well as the Lurian Cabalah contain hidden plans which have been revealed again and again in history in the empires the Jews construct and the wars the Jews manufacture. The Jews have repeatedly reconstructed the same empires so as to knock them down again and dissolve them, only to gin up the same wars and empires, only to knock them down again.

These wars are not the product of natural enmity nor inevitable competitive struggles. They are entirely artificial and follow unnatural patterns where nations work against their own interests. But I do not find that they are necessarily conducted in ways which provide the greatest immediate gain for the Jews, but are instead constructed so as to artificially "fulfill" Jewish prophecy as the Jews have amended it to comply with their view of modern demographics.

The Jews are as bitter towards the Russians as they are toward the Egyptians, the very soil burns their cloven feet. But it is rich and vast soil, so why salt it in favor of America? It is a question in need of better answers than I can now offer.