Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Are Communists Opposed to World Jewry? Are Zionists Opposed to World Jewry? Are Libertarians Opposed to Jewry? Or, Are the Jews Opposed to Humanity?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When the Jews put Lenin and Trotsky in power to implement the Jewish agenda to destroy the human race, the extended Rothschild Jewish banking clan in England published a statement famously claiming that Bolshevism is diametrically opposed to Judaism, the Jews running the Bolshevist show were not Jews, but instead were atheists opposed to Judaism, and that World Jewry was blameless for the crimes of these Jews. Of course, the same Jews who penned these lies were the Jews who financed Lenin and Trotsky. I note that the Rothschilds long falsely claimed to have been opposed to slavery in America, though proof recently appeared that they financed it as well as the Jewish war on the Slavs.

The truth of the matter is that the Jews are diametrically opposed to the human race, and Bolshevism upholds the purpose and principles of Judaism. Judaism calls for the destruction of all nations and a Jewish run World government, and so does Communism, which was engineered and implemented by Jews. Communism, like Judaism, demands that the Goyim surrender all personal property and religion to the Jews and submit to the Noahide Laws.

Communism is the fulfillment of Judaism and both are diametrically opposed to humanity, not one another. The Jew claims that he is a divine being and the non-Jew is less than an animal. The Jew exists as a double standard and therefore the Jewish mistreatment of the Goyim is not opposed to Judaism, but rather is Judaism in practice.

Judaism is not a proselytizing religion, but rather demands the destruction of all other religions and the enslavement, not conversion, of non-Jews. Communism destroys the religion of non-Jews and enslaves them to the Jews. The Jewish People are not blameless for this double standard, but rather exist to create, enforce and increase it.

Likewise, the Jews falsely claim that Zionism is diametrically opposed to Judaism and therefore Jews are blameless for Zionism, because the founding fathers of Zionism were supposedly atheists, and therefore were not Jewish though they were Jews and served Jewish interests. The founding fathers of Zionism were Abraham, Moses and Joshua, and more recently Shabbatai Zevi and the Rothschilds, all devoutly religious.

Zionism fulfills the Jewish goals of stealing the land of Palestine and Greater Israel, separating the Jews from non-Jews, and destroying all other nations such that the Jews emerge absolute rulers over the entire Earth. Though Zionism is absolutely nationalist, it opposes the nationalism of the Goyim and seeks to internationalize, that is, Judaize the non-Jewish nations. It is an absolute double standard which deifies the Jews and destroys the non-Jews. Zionism is Judaism.

The "Libertarians" try to convince me that "Libertarianism" is diametrically opposed to Judaism and World Jewry because its founding fathers and mothers were atheistical Jews, and therefore not Jewish, though they served Jewish interests and can be linked to the same Jewish bankers who created, enforced and increased Communism and Zionism as the process of empowering the Jews and destroying the Gentiles. The "Libertarians" pretend to oppose Communism, and whereas the Communists used the buzz words "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity", the Libertarians clamor for exploitation, polarization and disunity. Of course, both systems are Judaism. The Communists internationalize through the power of the State which is a puppet of the Jews and thereby make the State the enemy of the People and an organ of Jewish power. The Libertarians internationalize by destroying the power of the State to protect the citizen from the Jews and open up the borders to foreign exploitation of the press, natural resources, economy and banking; while actively undermining the national unity of the country under its attack, such that the Jews can use their economic leverage to draw out all of the wealth of a nation and oppose the People to itself and its own best interests. Both Libertarianism and Communism render the Jews absolute rulers and leave the People without a government to protect them from the Jews and from Jewish internationalism, and both systems enable the Jews to steal all the personal property of the Goyim.

The Communists are not diametrically opposed to World Jewry, they are Jews who are diametrically opposed to humanity. The Zionists are not diametrically opposed to World Jewry, they are Jews who are diametrically opposed to humanity. The Libertarians are not diametrically opposed to World Jewry, they are Jews who are diametrically opposed to humanity. Each group fulfills Judaism by weakening the non-Jew, taking from him his national unity and purpose, while concurrently empowering the Jew, increasing Jewish unity and strengthening the Jewish nation by making it more exclusive, segregated and powerful so as to better serve the interests of its Jewish citizens to the detriment of humanity.