Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Armenian Genocide and the Jewish Middlemen

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Every year, on or about April 24th, the Jews play a little game with the Armenians and the Turks. Knowing the power of the Jews (the Jews destroyed the Turkish Empire and genocided at least 1.5 million Armenians), the Armenians and Turks run to lick Jewish boots in hopes of manipulating whatever Jewish puppet occupies the White House to either recognize or effectively deny the Armenian Genocide; which campaign of extermination was led, financed, organized, designed and perpetrated by the Jews and only served Jewish interests.

The American President always fails to recognize the genocide, which keeps the game going for years to come. And every successive year, the Armenians and Turks line up to suck up to the Jews. It is a classic example of the Jew as middleman shafting both sides and taking all the profits for himself.

If the Armenians ceased to grovel, and the Turks stopped begging, the Jews would lose tremendous political capital in the Middle East and in America. Armenians can depend upon the fact that as long as they continue to lie at the Jews' feet with nose pointed upwards, the American President will not recognize the Armenian Genocide, for that would end the Jewish game and the Jewish gain, which the Jews annually harvest from both the Turks and the Armenians. The Turks can depend upon the fact that the Jews will continue to hang this sword of Damocles over their heads for as long as the Turks continue to tongue Jewish sewers in search of table scraps.

Consider the sweet position the Jews have manufactured for themselves. The Armenians kiss up to them knowing the Jews instigated the genocide. The Turks beg for favors knowing the Jews ruined their empire. The Office of the US Presidency serves as scapegoat for the Jewish crime of denial. The Jews pit the Turks against the Armenians and the Muslim world, and the Armenians against the Turks and Azeris, while the Jews get everything they want from the Turks, Armenians, Kurds and Azeris. Why would the Jews ever let this racket go?

Every year, the Turks give up their sovereignty and beg from the Jews and agree behind closed doors to forward Israeli policy. Every year, the Armenians suck up to the Jews and praise the Jews for their supposed help during the genocide the Jews created, while the Jews concurrently lead all international efforts to deny the genocide. Every year a few prominent Jews pretend to support genocide recognition just to keep the game alive.

The Armenians lose everything. The Turks lose everything. The Jews take all and the Armenians and Turks sing their praises, to boot, those boots the Turks and Armenians compete against one another to lick clean from the Armenian and Turkish blood which covers them.

This is what happens to every person, nation or religion that looks to the Jews for help to solve their problems. The Jews view any cry for help as an incentive to keep the problem alive, for the problem itself serves as a basis for Jewish power and Jewish profits. If you run to the Jews for help, expect them to do everything they can to force the problems you face to endure and worsen forever so that you will keep turning to the Jews and giving the Jews gains in vain hopes of obtaining their help, which enables them to control your fate for the worse and to steal your funds and receive your authentic help to solve their problems.

This is one of the two major reasons why you see Jews, and essentially only Jews, on both sides of the Armenian Genocide recognition debate. The Jews want the Armenians and Turks to bend over to the Jews and hand them everything they have. The other reason is that the Jews want to pit the Armenians and Turks, Christians and Muslims, against each other, leaving the Jews with hegemony in the Middle East, and throughout the World. The Jews who campaign for the Armenians only do so to bring Turkish and Muslim wrath against Armenians and Christians. The Jews who campaign for the Turks only do so to bring Armenian and Christian wrath against the Turks and Muslims.

That is the Jew as middleman and that is why the American President never recognizes the partial truth and would never begin to admit the full truth of The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians.