Monday, May 31, 2010

As the Jews Wage War on the Human Race, What Government Fights Back?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews had a long time to plan their strategy and tactics in response to the Freedom Flotilla. The Jews, after long deliberations and undoubtedly after consultations with the highest levels of the American Government, opted to launch an aggressive military attack on a peaceful humanitarian convoy in international waters. This does not come as a surprise, the Jews warned of what they intended to do, and the Jews have thousands of years of cowardly vicious and murderous attacks to back up their threats to attack defenseless civilians.

But the Turkish Government also had a long time to plan its strategy and tactics in the knowledge of the open Jewish threats to attack Turkish citizens. Why did not the Turkish military escort these brave Turkish citizens who were forced to fight with chairs and fists against machine guns to defend their vessel and Turkish honor from Jewish cowardly aggression? There is great honor for the Turkish People and great shame for their government which even now fails to take appropriate action to defend the nation and its people from Jewish attack. This betrayal by their own government will largely be a domestic problem for the Turks.

But the American Government's betrayal of American honor before and after the Jewish attack causes Americans tremendous damage internationally. We are seen around the World as the bully that holds a woman while a pervert rapes her. And we are to blame for the lack of international will to end the inhuman Jewish siege of Gaza which resulted in these latest Jewish crimes, given our cowardice to confront the Jews who are destroying us and the rest of the human race.

Our government gave the Jews trillions of dollars, weapons of mass destruction and is at this very moment enabling the Jews to escape international retaliation for the Jewish slaughter of humanitarians. Do not let the Jews pass this off as if it were merely an Israeli attack. The Jews of Israel comprise one third of Jewry and the Jews of America another third and that amounts to a two thirds majority of the Jewish people who are actively bringing down the human race. And it is a certainty that the other third are there with the tribe doing what is good for the Jews and rotten for human beings.

Is this to be our fate, struggling with fists and patio furniture against Jews with high tech weaponry, as our governments feign indignation with a mild, please don't do it again, to be followed by a long lament for the poor Jews who were forced into acts of cowardly premeditated murder?

The Jews' "in your face" aggression with the full support of our government hurts us very badly, Americans. The Israelis knew well in advance that they would receive this support from their puppets in Washington, just as they knew well in advance that the American Government, and the Arab governments, would support their genocidal attack on the Palestinians of Gaza.

I have seen a video purporting to be footage of the Jewish military attack on the defenseless civilians which claims that sophisticated military weaponry was employed to repel the Jewish aggression, but I suspect that the explosions shown were instead from Jewish weapons. I would not trust anything the Israeli Government, or its supporters, claim.

We citizens of the World had better take notice of what is transpiring and take control of our governments and prepare to defend ourselves. We have all witnessed the level of depravity of our enemy and the complicity of their puppet governments which reign over us and which may soon rain machine gun fire upon our heads.

The Jews are destroying our reputation, America, and they are turning the World into a depraved and very dangerous place. Governments must not be allowed to act in the fashion of murdering civilians in international waters and sieging native populations in their ancestral homelands.

Take notice Americans of what happened to Turkish citizens when the Turkish Government failed to act in the face of Jewish threats. Harden yourselves and begin fighting back in the political arena so that we can use the power of our State to wage war on the Jews who are already waging war on us. Harden yourselves and have more at hand than patio furniture and kitchen knives if ever you are attacked.

Take notice, humanity, of the fact that the Jews openly plan to kill you off and your present governments are helping them.