Friday, May 07, 2010

The Cooperation of Nations with Common Goals Versus Jewish Internationalism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews manufactured the World Wars (and many lesser wars before and after them) in part to make humanity so fearful of war that they will surrender their national sovereignty to Jewish run international organizations. Since the Jews intend to destroy all nations and exterminate the human race, submitting to Jewish power is a suicidal action.

Internationalism forces citizens to surrender their rights and power to foreign elements and face a united foreign threat against them. For example, when a traitorous American government agrees to join an international organization and submit the American People to the whims of the organization's decisions, whereby the will of the American People is ignored in favor of foreign and often hostile peoples (the Jews), the sovereignty of the nation which lies in the People is lost. The international body, which does not answer to any citizens, and which is controlled by Jewry, imposes its will with the force of many nations as an act of war on any nation which asserts its national rights, without expressing the will of the citizens (either directly or through their elected representatives) of those nations it then pits against the nation the international organization chooses to attack.

Internationalism creates a totalitarian dictatorship which the Jews control. The objective of internationalism is to make the Jews the exclusive rulers of all the World so that they can enslave humanity and exterminate the human race.

The POWER PARTY will not submit to internationalism. The Party will engage in foreign diplomacy with nations that share a common cause with our nation.

The Party will not surrender the rights or objectives of the American citizen to any foreign or international interest and will obey the will of the People of the United States of America. The Party will seek the cooperation of other nations without attacking their national sovereignty, for our mutual benefit. Should America find it necessary to go to war, we will do so as a matter of our national interests, not as an act of submission to foreign or international interests.

With POWER PARTY leadership, America will always and only serve the interests of the American citizen.