Saturday, May 08, 2010

Dr. David Duke Might Run for President of the United States of America

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

David Duke is considering a bid for President:

Will Dr. David Duke Run for U.S. President? By John Darty

In the above referenced article, John Darty writes,

"If the Democrats can elect Barack Obama to the President of the United States, the Republicans now have the man who, without doubt, offers the clearest answer to Obama."

It was indeed once an unexpected outcome. A black Communist winning a Presidential campaign, who would have thought such a thing was possible, much less winning on the empty slogan "Change!" However, Obama not only essentially ran unopposed, McCain/Palin essentially threw the election, and Obama had the full support of the Jewish controlled media and the Jewish bankers.

Had Obama faced authentic opposition and/or lacked Jewish media and banker support, he would not have won. Having won and immediately rewarded his Jewish backers with a multi-trillion theft from the American taxpayer, Obama does indeed carry a dark tarnish which can be exploited by an aggressive candidate who seizes the opportunity to not only discredit Obama for his duplicity, but who takes the offensive and runs a campaign against the corrupt media and bankers who escorted Obama into the White House.

In order to win, Duke would need and is seeking a counter balance to the media and money power that installed Obama in the White House. He will face spoiler candidates and has to choose between burning bridges with persons such as Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul, and running an authentic opposition to the forces for whom those men work. Politics is a dirty business, or more gently trying to pursuade their fans that he, Duke, will better serve their best interests.

If nothing else, it is essential for there to be a voice in the arena that exposes how Obama won, the price America has paid for supporting him, and the fact that the same powers which put him in power control the "opposition" candidates who threw the election in order to install Obama.

I would like to see other candidates who will go on the offensive against corrupt and corrosive Jewish power. I would like to hear a loud chorus defending America from the Jews. One famous voice is a start. Do not let it fizzle and let other famous and influential persons also start speaking up and taking risks. We have infinitely more to lose by remaining silent and afraid, then by aggressively fighting back.

I am not a segregationist and bear no animosity towards blacks, but I am a realist and I observe here in the Chicago area that it is perhaps one of the most segregated areas in the World, so for me the issue is not one of segregation, which already exists, but unfettered and deliberately destructive immigration and the deliberate Jewish attack on White Europeans which is engineered to erase them from the human family. I have witnessed the negative impact of this immigration and would like to see it redirected to productive ends, or halted.

While I do not support Duke's bid for Presidency, I do support the exposure of the Jews, and he may well do much more than he has already done to further that goal, and he may well spark a movement much greater than himself.