Friday, May 21, 2010

Duking It Out With the Pauls

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Contrast Dr. David Duke's stance on Israel:

No War for Israel in Iran - Keep Americans Safe

with that of the Zionist extremist Pauls:

The United States Special Relationship with Israel

Speaking of the Pauls, and the battle to win the hearts and minds of the "Tea Party" crowd, the Pauls are starting to remind me of Barack Obama, who was placed in the Senate only to be shuffled into the White House, by the Jews. Is this to be Rand Paul's future, or is he slated to be a spoiler candidate? Obama won on the empty slogan "Change" and the Pauls are winning with the same slogan under the more harsh term "revolution".

The crises the Jews are manufacturing today to destroy our economy, our currency and to throw us into civil war and war with Mexico and perhaps all of Latin America and Canada, recall Edward Mandell House's book:

Philip Dru: Administrator: A Story of Tomorrow, 1920-1935

We are on the verge of the deliberate destruction of America, a new monetary system, a new world war and the disintegration of our country, to be followed by the Jewish Cromwell model, whereby the Jews deliberately create chaos so that they can propose dictatorship in order to restore order. The Pauls fit in with the Jews' plans perfectly. They flirt with the idea of secession, a new monetary system, and a non-interventionist Zionist foreign policy which will guarantee a world war.

House's (the Rothschilds') proposals for our fate have only been partially fulfilled and were already a recurring Jewish theme before House wrote his book, dating back to his father and the Rothschild's attack on America known as the American "Civil War". The Pauls are a part of the ongoing counter-revolution against the American Revolution, meant to internationalize the US by opening us up to foreign and internal attack and economic exploitation by international Jews. The Pauls' platform will severely weaken us, if not itself completely destroy us.

Duke openly and unabashedly addresses the Jewish question and his message identifies the international Jew, the world's foremost problem. The contrast and the choice between the Pauls and Duke could not be clearer. Now, who will the "Libertarians" support with their dollars, their time and their campaigning efforts, the internationalist and foaming-at-the-mouth rabid Zionist Pauls, or the nationalist Duke, who openly discusses the Jewish problem?