Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Israel Wants the World to Know that They Have Nuclear Weapons, But Leave Us Guessing as to Their Viability and Strength

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Mordechai Vanunu has done the Israelis a huge service, if not worked in the service of the Israelis, by informing the World that Israel has a stockpile of nuclear weapons. What good are these weapons if noone knows you have them, i.e. what value do they have to terrorize, intimidate and deter if non-Israelis have no knowledge of them?

It has long been known that the Israelis worked with the South Africans and French to develop nuclear weapons. The recent reports of negotiations between Israel and South Africa for Israel to supply the South Africans with a bomb back in the mid-1970's are coming out now to favor Israel's efforts to pressure Turkey and the Europeans to maintain good relations with Israel as if their best option. They are intended to help Israel by provoking fear in other nations, not to hurt Israel in any meaningful way. See:

The memos and minutes that confirm Israel's nuclear stockpile

These disclosures are meant to help Israel carry a big stick in its empty trousers. The mass media are not calling for inspections of Israeli nukes and nuclear development programs, nor punishment of Israel for violating international law. They are just helping Israel to intimidate others.

However, the disclosures do raise an alarming question, if they are genuine: What were the Israelis and the Jews' banker nation of South Africa planning? Why would South Africa want or need a nuke? Why would the South Africans trust the Israeli assertions that the weapon to be provided worked and was powerful and reliable? The alleged justifications, when weighed against the risks, make no sense whatsoever:


These events occurred at a time when the Jews, including Meir Kahane, were trying to provoke a war against the Soviets in order to chase Jews to Israel. South Africa had absolutely no need nor use for a nuclear weapon, but the Jews who controlled South Africa did. They wanted to provoke a nuclear conflagration between East and West, and a false flag operation would serve that desire.

What would Israel gain by secretly arming South Africa with nuclear weapons? The alleged justifications, when weighed against the risks, make no sense whatsoever. The more exclusive the nuclear club, the more powerful are those armed with the nuclear club. And why did the Jews arm the Red Chinese, going back further, the Soviets, still further, the US? Why do they leave Japan dependent on the US for its defense?

To what extent is Israeli propaganda true? How powerful is their nuclear arsenal and to what extent is it mere bluff?

But rest assured, the Israelis want you to think they have an enormous arsenal of nuclear weapons, and this is why the Jewish controlled media, mainstream and "alternative", "leak" information from time to time, and why Israeli leaders pretend to slip up on opportune occassions to let you know the Jews are heavily armed. None of this is by accident nor coincidence.

That said, we should use the Jews' terror tactics against them, as Dr. David Duke has done:

No War for Israel in Iran - Keep Americans Safe