Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Know What You Are Getting With Radical Zionist Rand Paul

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Rand Paul has a great deal in common with Alan Greenspan. Both are huge fans of the subversive Jew Ayn Rand. Both love the Jews' gold. Both share Ayn Rand's anti-Arab radical Zionism.

Though the Libertarians are busy spreading the disinformation that Rand Paul's radical Zionism is a mere campaign ploy meant to help elect him so that he can then turn on the Jews, Rand Paul's radical Zionism is in fact fully consistent with his admiration for Ayn Rand and her views, and is without a doubt completely sincere. In fact, Rand Paul's position statement could have been written by Rand, Ayn that is, were she alive today.

Read for yourself Rand Paul's The United States Special Relationship with Israel